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5 Lesser-Known Web Browsers – Alternatives to Chrome

by Dangula Bingula

Most people prefer using Google Chrome for its internet search experience. However, all those people are actually missing out as there are many other alternatives on the market that offer so much more. Chrome is probably the most famous one currently. But in order to really understand that some alternatives are better in some situations, one needs to realize all the shortcomings that Chrome comes with.

Alternative browser versions have the upper hand compared to Chrome as they offer better security and privacy, customization, and adblocking. Some browsers come with excellent privacy options and even come with a VPN or a Tor encryption.

Even though Chrome has customization options, it does not take it to a new level like other browsers do, and it can really be important visually for some users. Finally, ad blocking is a major issue for people. Google Chrome actually filters out advertisements and does block some but allows their own ads to be shown. Whereas with other browsers, they do come with settings that can block all ads.

So if you are interested in changing your browser and duping Chrome for good, here are a few options for you.

1. Opera


Opposed to other lesser-known browsers, Opera is already a staple and a mainstream option. In fact, it is often viewed and placed alongside the top four. It is a pioneer in the field in so many ways and is responsible for creating some standard options that you now have both on Chrome and other smaller browsers.

Opera was the first browser to come with a built-in VPN and a cryptocurrency wallet. More so than that, it even comes with an ad blocker that can filter out all the ads that appear during your browsing experience. The starting page offers your most frequently visited sites for faster and more enjoyable browsing and also takes syncing between mobile and desktop versions to a whole new level.

2. Torch


Torch’s idea of web browsing is making it available to users to have the best options when downloading media. In fact, it even comes with a built-in Bit Torrent client, which makes P2P file-sharing much easier.

You don’t even need to have a separate program to enjoy the media you have downloaded as Torch comes with a built-in video and audio player. It even has a very extensive tools and games inventory. The torch has the most likeliness to Chrome and can handle most of the web content without issues.

3. Brave


Brave is one of the latest web-browsers that is taking this market by storm. Most people agree that it is one of the closest ones that can reach the standards that the top four provide. Brave offers probably the best protection of privacy and safety as opposed to other browsers out there. It has the ability to fend users from phishing and malware, which other browsers do not have. They have a big emphasis on safety and privacy, which is one of the top priorities in the digital world today.

Additionally, Brave comes with its own ad tracker and blocker, which prevents unwanted and bothersome advertisements from appearing. Finally, it loads much faster compared to other software of its kind, which gives it a massive advantage. You can look for confirmation in this article about browsers.

4. Epic


Epic is a type of browser whose main focus is on protecting the privacy of the user. In fact, Epic comes with crypto mining, fingerprinting, ultrasound signaling, trackers and more. It also includes its own VPN, the same as Opera does. Adblocking is also a priority for Epic which works similarly to Chrome’s one. Except it also allows you to disable plugins and adds tracker blocking notifications.

Epic uses Epicsearch.in as their default search provider which is a private search engine. It functions by routing your encrypted traffic through a proxy and that way hiding it from your ISP. 

5. SeaMonkey


The idea behind using SeaMonkey is a very useful one. They strive that their browser needs to be the only piece of software you open when working on your computer. This is why they have several desktop applications integrated within the browser itself. For instance, e-mail, IRC chat, HTML editing, and feed readers are all working at once and are available to you.

The HTML editing tool which SeaMonkey provides is a very valuable tool for web development beginners. This is also due to its very efficient graphics interface as fast previewing capabilities. SeaMonkey is a continuation of Firefox and is the predecessor to Thunderbird. People who like using these browsers will most likely find SeaMonkey easy to use as well. SeaMonkey also shares its source code with Mozilla. Hop over to this page to learn about the best Google alternatives!