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5 Home Office Upgrades For A Healthier You

by William Gist

Employers are starting to improve their physical environments to improve workplace morale and overall employee health – why does this matter to you? If you work in a home office, then you don’t have an employee to make these changes; you’ll have to make the changes.

So, what can you do to improve your workplace environment for a healthier you?

Today, we’re going to discuss five things you can do to improve your home office that will help to increase your workplace morale and improve your health. If you are interested more about air purifiers, check out bloomingair.com.

Let’s jump in!

Air Purifier


We all need air to survive, but what happens when the air we breathe has pollutants in it? Air purifiers are great for allergy and/or sinus sufferers. Air purifiers can help to remove pet dander, dust, pollen, and more to help keep you breathing easy. Plus, air purifiers have also been shown to help prevent users from catching a cold and/or flu illnesses. Also, good prevention for cold is Coldeeze.

Standing Desks


While this may seem like a “fad”, it’s backed by science. There have been numerous studies to show the benefits of standing desks; some of the benefits include increased productivity, improved physical and mental health, and greater satisfaction with their current job, position, and/or career.

Standing desks help to correct bad posture by completely removing the need for leaning over. By standing, you become more upright with less need to look down and/or lean forward. Plus, standing helps to increase blood flow to your legs and throughout your body (sitting on your rear can stifle blood flow).

Change The Colors


Did you know that certain colors can affect your mood? A study from the University of Texas found that bland colors left people feeling sad and/or depressed. But, they also found out that certain neutral colors (light blue and green) were more likely to give people a spark that fought off mental fatigue and/or depression.

Get A Better Chair

We already addressed this, but you need to find a chair that cradles your body while providing greater posture support. If your chair is too high or too low, you’ll end up using poor posture to make up for the chair’s inefficiencies.


Instead, spend a little extra to improve your seating arrangement. While the upfront cost might not seem “reasonable,” a high quality chair will be worth it in the long run – improving both your productivity and health. I like both of the Herman Miller chairs that you can see here, which many consider being the best-of-the-best.

Better Lighting

And finally, studies have shown that people work faster with greater efficiency when using sunlight or sunlight alternatives in their workplace environment.


Again, the best form of light is sunlight; however, it’s not always possible to do this if you have small windows and/or no windows. Unless you’re willing to cut out a new window, you’ll need to use light bulbs that can help recreate sunlight. LEDs are becoming more advanced with each passing day, and some can help to recreate/mimic natural sunlight. Visit alltechbuzz.net and check some of the products.

Make Some Changes This Year

As you can see, you can improve your home office for a better, healthier you. It doesn’t require a lot, but the benefits can be vast. Obviously, employers have figured out that healthy employees are productive employees – well, you’re your own employer, which means you need to look out for you.


Using these five suggestions, you should easily be able to upgrade your workplace environment to improve your mental and physical health. Remember, cleaning up the air around you, standing up more, changing colors, finding a better chair, and improving the lighting is a great start to a healthier you.

Now, did you think of some other things you could do to upgrade your home office? Let us know!