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4 Best Swimsuit Styles for Men

by Edvard Berlusconi

Finding a swimsuit can be hard enough, but when you consider all the styles and options it can just be a frustrating experience. How do you know what fits right? What will look best? Should I go out of my comfort zone?

So many questions when it comes to finding the best swimming suit for men, but what it all comes down to is a preference. Color and patterns are preferences. What’s most important to know is the different styles. So, in order to find the best swimsuit, you first need to understand style and how that style works on your body type.  Here are the 4 best swimsuit styles for men.

1. Board Shorts

img source: riverisland.com

First on our list is board shorts, like ones from Willy California,  are the most common for the younger crowd. When you look around the beach or pool, you’ll notice the majority of younger men are wearing these surf-inspired board shorts for their swimsuit. It’s great because it’s multi-functional. Board shorts can be worn at the beach or when hanging out at the skatepark. The majority of them have big pockets which make them convenient and practical as well. The length of these shorts makes for a comfortable, breathable and flattering look, especially for taller men. If you’re on the shorter side, you might want to consider one of the other styles we’ll discuss.

2. Short Swim Trunks

img source: shopify.com

These swim trunks are square-cut and mid-length making them perfect and ideal for just about anybody type. However, shorter men will benefit most from this style. Regardless, the numbers speak for themselves. The reason these are so popular is their ability to look great on anyone. So, we always say when in doubt, stick to short swim trunks. They come in a lot of colors and patterns so venture out and try something new.

3. Swim Briefs

img source: alicdn.com

Swim briefs are better known as speedos. They aren’t the most popular, but we think every style should be given a fighting chance. Some say it’s more flattering for men who are more in shape, but that doesn’t mean larger fit men can’t pull it off either. After all, no matter your size, no one likes tan lines! Swim briefs are typically made of nylon and spandex, so they offer a lot of support. People always say history repeats itself and if you look back at the early to mid-1900s, almost every man wore a speedo. I think we’re about to see a comeback! Swim briefs come in a variety of options varying from full coverage all the way to thong styles.

4. Jammers

img source: sportsshoes.com

The best way to describe this style of swimsuit is to be referring to professional swimmers. Professional male swimmers wear these as they are tight-fitting and comfortable. Despite them only being seen during the Olympics or athletic events, they’re still one of the best swimsuit styles for men. Do yourself a favor and give one a try. They’re breathable, lightweight, supportive, and comfortable. You can’t go wrong with all those reasons.