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Women Who Want Permanent Brows – Essential Microblading Facts to Keep Handy

by Dangula Bingula

Fashion and beauty trends change! Take a look at the 90s, and you’ll find the finely drawn, skinny, thin pencil brows in vogue. Beauty standards have impacted women from one era to the other. Most beauty experts assert that eyebrows give a face its definition. It frames the face and accentuates the best features. Today, fuller and thicker brows rule the fashion trend. A permanent eyebrow is what most women want! Microblading helps many women attain this goal seamlessly.

Not every woman has the same brow hair growth! For few it’s little and not uniform owing to over-plucking, medical treatments, using excess eyebrow gel or hormonal issues. Regardless of your situation, should you wish for dark, well-shaped eyebrows that will give your face its depth and intensity, opt-in for microblading from a leading service provider. Research and choose the best name to stay away from unwanted side effects and get the best-customized solution.

Can microblading help you in your quest for permanent eyebrows? The following pointers and answers to questions will help you know and understand better.

Understanding microblading


Eyebrow microblading is a process in which your eyebrows get filled using a semi-permanent tattoo ink, which appears as brow hairs. Akin to getting a tattoo, microblading makes use of small needles having small blades that transfer a pigment beneath the skin. It saves you from the hassle of drawing eyebrows in the morning or before going out of the house.

Microblading is the latest buzz today! And today, women from all walks of life can opt-in for it. To know more about microblading and how it can help you get permanent eyebrows, check out Candidcosmedics.com.

Can microblading cause allergies?


Some women tend to develop an allergic reaction because of the pigments used in microblading! It could be because they have skin issues or sensitive skin. But this is very rare. If you want to stay secure from any allergic reaction, it’s best to do a scratch test to check if the treatment would result in allergies.

What happens in the microblading process?

If you are thinking about the microblading process, the following pointers will provide you a holistic view:

  • The microblading expert first shapes the brow region after threading the brow hairs. It helps to prepare the area for the treatment.
  • After this, the area is made numb with a topical ointment. The process takes about 40 minutes. The client and the microblading expert can use this time to choose the desired brow shade.
  • Before 10 minutes, the numbing ointment starts to work; the expert uses the tools to measure the brow area, symmetry, face shape, and other features. It helps them to choose a brow shape that complements the face.
  • After this, the needling process starts, where the pigment gets implanted to the brows using featherweight strokes. Every stroke gets used as a superficial line through which the color pigment seeps and gradually settles down. If you feel any discomfort, you should inform the expert. He/she would add another layer of the numbing ointment to the area, and it would start working in five minutes.
  • The expert will have to add one final pigment layer that sits on top for about five minutes, clean the space, and get your well-shaped brows.
  • Going forward, between six and eight weeks, you will require a top-up session to fill any gaps, where the pigment didn’t reach. The expert also takes care of any area that hasn’t healed in this time after the treatment. The top-up session helps to correct any issues that you might face during the initial microblading process. It is a corrective measure and also a check-up to ensure there are no side effects.

What do you need to do in the meantime?

The microblading expert will provide you with a set of after-care guidelines that you should follow. The instructions also cater to your specific skin type. It will allow the eyebrow space to heal fast. You might witness a nominal irritation, but that is common and will go off with time. You will also find that your brows will change its shade. It might appear slightly flaky, which is also normal. The right color and shape will reveal after about 30 days. Here you can take an appointment for a second session.

How long will microblading last?


It will last you for close to a year and a half, depending on the pigment longevity. It also depends on your skin texture and lifestyle habits. People who have oily skin will find it to last close to a year only and sometimes less. If you have normal skin, microblading can last as much as 18 months.

Does the microblading process hurt?


Most women reported having felt a sensation, as against any hurt. The numbing ointment doesn’t create any scope for pain. There’s a scratching sound with the sharp blade that people feel might hurt, but it doesn’t. Also, the process is fast and gets completed within two hours.

Can you remove and undo the microbladed eyebrows?

The used pigment doesn’t leave any discoloration and scarring. If you want to remove it, use a saline/salt solution for removing the microblading brows. The brows will take on a 40% dark shade during the first ten days and then will develop a flaking effect. Don’t get scared of that.

Once you have undergone the microblading process, you need to consider a few things, such as:

  • Always use a clean pillowcase to avoid any allergic reaction.
  • Don’t exercise for about a week.
  • Make sure that there’s no picking.
  • Make sure to stay away from the sun for a week and sometimes more, depending on what your microblading expert suggests for you.
  • Don’t opt-in for any peels, facials, and Botox treatment for close to four weeks.
  • Don’t swim and go for the steamy, long showers for about ten days.
  • Make sure not to use any skincare or make-up till such time the brows get healed.

Know that you have to depend on the second touch-up session to consider the microblading process complete. So have patience and follow the required guidelines. Soon you will have your brows always wanted and sport the looks that compliment your new brow shape.