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Why Bitcoin Is the Investment of the Decade

by Dangula Bingula

One of the most popular and remarkable investment stories of the past decade seems to be the rise of Bitcoin. So, people who adopted the currency ever since its beginning have already enjoyed a healthy return. Investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies might actually be a very good investment, especially if you know what to expect.

This cryptocurrency is still in its infancy and it’s growing stronger every day. Thus, investing in it is probably the right move as its value today is only a tiny fraction of what the future of this cryptocurrency holds.Today, one of the quickest and smartest way in investing on Bitcoin is through a crypto trading bot like  bitcoinsuperstar.io

What is Bitcoin and How It Works?


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency generated by a network of computers all across the world. So, users run Bitcoin software which creates or mines Bitcoins that can be added to the marketplace. When the software was first launched, the process of mining was very simple. However, the process became harder as it started gaining popularity. So, if you want to mine a Bitcoin now, you need a lot of expensive computing power. Consequently, this practice became less attractive than it was at the beginning.

You can use this cryptocurrency to buy things electronically, which makes it similar to conventional euros or dollars. However, it is very different from conventional money as it is decentralized, meaning that there is no institution that controls it. Hence, many people feel at ease knowing that there isn’t a bank which controls their money.

When mining, every user has a private key that leads to an address, also known as a Bitcoin wallet. So, users can use their wallet to mine or trade, which is done by sending money to someone else’s wallet. If you don’t know how to trade, check BitcoinTrader. Besides the fact that this cryptocurrency isn’t a recognized currency, there are many forward-thinking businesses which take payments with them.

Why Bitcoin Is the Investment of the Decade?


It now has a decade-long history which has followed a pretty reliable trajectory. This means that ever since its inception, it has only grown and has consistently retained a significant portion of its previous gains each time it has plummeted. Hence, in cases when this cryptocurrency tanks, it always takes two steps forward and only one step back. Here is why it is considered to be the investment of the decade.


As we mentioned before, Bitcoins are decentralized and transactions are performed with a peer-to-peer transfer. So, there is neither a central bank nor costly fees involved when a transaction takes place. Users won’t experience currency inflation and the government won’t interfere with the value of their money.

A Safer Way to Pay


When people started mining this cryptocurrency, they didn’t expect that one day they’ll be able to use it for purchasing goods and services. However, nowadays a growing number of companies and some of the biggest brands accept Bitcoin payments. As a result, its value skyrocketed. Users can now pay while enjoying complete anonymity as the cryptocurrency never associates a person’s identity with a transaction. Additionally, users can now make Bitcoin deposits right into their accounts.

Increasing Demand for Renewable Energy


Mining cryptocurrencies results with a staggering electricity bill, which only continues to grow. Moreover, the power consumed by mining last year was 42 TWh, which creates the same amount of CO2 emissions as one million transatlantic flights. Hence, the cryptocurrency is now encouraging investment in the research and development of renewable energy sources. As renewable energy is now cheaper than any other form, miners will want to use it and pay as little electricity as possible.

This cryptocurrncy could easily be part of the financial future and the only better time to invest than now was yesterday.