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Which Is The Best “WooCommerce” Plugin And Why?

by Jajce d Muckic

Hello Folks, Hope all are doing great, before moving into the “Why” let me pick-up features of this plugin. So, you will easily understand the need for “WooCommerce Custom Product Add-ons Plugin”. And you will get your answer easily, this is something like a tool to make things shorter and simple while listing products at front-end and back-end too.

What is WooCommerce Product Addons Plugin?

There are now more than 20 WooCommerce Product page customizer plugins available (while searching on Google) many with varied features. Even though there are multiple plugins and looking through each would be a tiresome job, I thought of doing the same and sharing with the community, on the best plugin in this category.


I’ve tried to add some good information about the plugin I liked (and why I liked), the pricing and other details of it. So, with the help of it, you can easily personalize your WooCommerce Product Page and you can make all things simpler on your page for your front-end users/clients, etc. Also, you can add more data as you like to, and take user’s information while placing the order etc. So, it will help you too to understand the user’s requirements regarding the selected product.

Why WooCommerce Custom Product Add-ons?

To list multiple WooCommerce Product, and more we need an add-on i.e. WooCommerce Custom Product Addons Plugin. Because it will be too tough to develop a code in the back-end to list the Woocommerce product page and list it with multiple required fields to get the information. Even if we build a back-end page with coding it will become more complex as it has to interact with the other plugins in the back-end. Thus, the ideal option is to install any WooCommerce Product addons plugin which makes things pretty simple as it can add a lot of features at just one single click –


How to Customize the WooCommerce Product Page? Single/ Multiple

I know if you are running WooCommerce Product related website, then you must need a Plugin to list your Multiple WooCommerce Product or to customize the WooCommerce Product Page. Here we are introducing the top best WooCommerce Custom Product Addons Plugin and comparison among of them. Also, we will discuss the features of these plugins. So, it will better for you to choose which one is for you that fill your requirements. According to Google Keyword Planner, there are averages of 250 Volume Searches per month about editing WooCommerce Single Product Page. I.e. is the reason only for creating this post to help you out and make it simpler for you to add or customize your WooCommere Product Page, even it is a single product page or multi-product page.


Which is the Best Plugin Addons to Customize WooCommerce Product Page?

So which are the products currently available in the market?

There are many plugins of a similar kind, but based on a detailed research and customer reviews, we found WooCommerce Product Addons plugin by Acowebs as the best option.

It comes with a lot of features like –

Adding More than 20 Fields
Highly Configurable
Drag & Drop Features
  Improved User Experience

I did personally used and reviewed this plugin. First thing is that, even after searching everywhere about this WooCommerce Custom Product options Plugin, I couldn’t find any negative reviews about it. And in my experience,  I find that this addon is very very easy to use, even a non-technical person can easily install this plugin and start to using at WooCommerce Product Page. And below are the things I liked about their service, overall.

  1. Offer Free Demo
  2. Superior Customer Support
  3. Low Pricing Plan
  4. Lifetime Product at Just $49
  5. Buy for 1 Site or Multi-Site

So, here’re the various options in their pricing (as published on their website):

Price Site Validity
$29 1 1 Year
$49 1 Lifetime
$49 5 1 Year
$125 5 Lifetime
$250 25 Lifetime

Now here I would like to highlight its features which will be provided on its free version as well as on its premium version.

Note – All Features are same for Premium Versions, so we have added Two Columns only i.e. one column is for Free Version and the second column is for Premium Version.

Woocommerce product add ons also has a free version available on Wordpress.org which has the best reviews for any plugins in this category. Even the free version of this plugin comes with an option of more than 12+ Fields i.e. –

  • Text Field – A Normal Text field to collect name, etc. normal text readable data.
  • Number Field – A field that accepts Numbers only.
  • Radio button – The field which is providing for Multiple Selection.
  • CheckBox – The field where you can select one or more option.
  • Text Area – That field is available to input details longer than a single line, etc.
  • Date Field
  • Email Field
  • Color Field – Select Choice of Color.
  • Password Field
  • Hidden Field – Available for Admin Area only.
  • Paragraph Tag – Add introduction in detail about the product using HTML Paragraph Tag Accepts basic HTML tags like Anchor, Bold, Image etc.
  • Header Tag – Available for setting HTML header tags (h1 tag, h2 tag & h3 tag) on the product page.

Below is an easy comparison of the Premium Vs Free version.

Fields Free Version Premium Version
13+ Fields Available Available
Custom Pricing N/A Available
Custom Price Formula N/A Available
Upload Field N/A Available
Multi-select Field N/A Available
Image Selection N/A Available
Color Group N/A Available
Custom Date Picker N/A Available
Time Picker N/A Available
Conditional Logic N/A Available
Google Map Place Selector N/A Available
Grid/Column alignment N/A Available
Tool Tip and Help Text N/A Available

Customer Support

While looking at the reviews in Wordpress, I could see that most of those as has a mention about the top-notch support of this plugin. It seems like take serious care about the support which itself is a real positive sign to try a premium version of this plugin.