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Where Would You Be Without the Internet?

by Dangula Bingula

Almost 2.5 billion people have never known life without the internet, and another 1.5 billion people were under the age of 12 when the internet became popular for private use. If you are one of those 5 billion people, you have probably never considered the question of what life would be like without the internet, and where would you be without it.

1. Social Life


Since 1995, the internet has given many people the chance to meet, chat with, and date individuals they would not have otherwise grown to know. It has also led to numerous marriages and the births of millions of children. Another way the internet has helped your social life is by creating the ability for instant communication and notification of where you will be, what events are going on near you, and what you like and don’t like in a dating partner.

2. Multi-tasking


Although many busy moms probably needed to multi-task long before the internet came to be, the world has begun to accept that doing more than one thing at a time is normal behavior. No longer is it considered improper form to talk on the phone while cooking a meal at the same time you are checking the news for updates on a raging fire. You can also click here to look for a way to save money on your internet while making a banking deposit at the same time you are scrolling through your music to find your favorite tune.. For millions of individuals, it is natural to do multiple things at once.

3. Boredom

While there used to be a common concept called “down time” and another called “boredom” that caused people to complain about how little they had to do at a given moment, the concept has largely been forgotten for most people in the world that have internet service. People can shop, play games, read books, talk to friends, and send pictures of the world from wherever they are at any given second of any day. In other words, the introduction of the internet brought so many activities into people’s lives that it can sometimes be difficult to decide what to do and in what order.

4. Communication


Your ability to communicate has forever been changed by the internet. Where people once had to send letters to communicate, and then wait weeks for a written response, the email opened up a whole new world of quick responses. However, the world of communication was turned upside down when instant chatting or messaging became available. Now you can let anyone know what you are doing the moment you are doing it, and you can even invite them to join you in a video call or with a picture.

The world has forever been changed by the development of the amazing technology of the internet. Some may say the change is bad, while others will claim the change is radical and exciting. No matter how you feel, you will have to admit that the world will continue to move forward much faster than ever before because of the internet.