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Where To Look For The Cheapest Concerts Near Me – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Getting to attend a concert is an unexplainable feeling as we get to witness our favorite musicians performing live in front of us. Concerts are also an awesome opportunity to meet people who have the same interest and taste in music genres as you. Not only are concerts a platform for singer and bands to put on a show for their fans, it also gives the artists a chance to have a connecting moment with their fans. Concerts make people feel a sense of belonging and also put their musical perspective in place. The intensity of live music makes us develop a new found love whenever we attend a concert as lovers of music.

Getting to see a band or singer playing live in front of you is an indescribable feeling that will be etched in your memories forever. Witnessing a concert or musical event live also blesses us with some special type of connection with the artist which we’re witnessing live. In this modern day and age, there are several genres of music that people from all over the world can relate to. So, more music being released on the regular means that there will be more live concerts in the future. Find our more information here.

Attending a live concert means that not only are you engrossed in the intensity of music, you also have a splendid moment to meet fans that share the same taste in music like you. It could be a great occasion to make and meet new peers also.

Music has the power to speak to us in a way that normal words just cannot. It unlocks emotions in us that are deeply embedded in us. Music also comforts us during our bad days. So concerts are a necessity that everyone should experience at least one in their lifetime.

When the time comes for a band to come on tour in your area, you might raise questions like, “Can I find concerts near me?” You could also be asking yourself how you could acquire the cheapest concert tickets before they sell out. So, let’s take a look on how you won’t miss out on the opportunity to snag a ticket to attend a concert near you.

Best Ways to Look For Cheap Concerts

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When buying tickets for concerts, having some sort of knowledge with tips and pointers prior to the concert is quite vital in you having a wonderful experience. Many people dive right in and purchase the tickets without any knowledge beforehand, leading to loss in money and other issues. So, doing some research and learning how and where to find the cheapest tickets for concerts is essential.

1. Official Websites

When you visit the official websites of the singers or bands, there are options given where you can sign up and register on their website. Signing up will give you access to mailing lists and further information on upcoming tour dates with all the venues listed. This is a great way to know when, how, and where the concerts will take place.

2. Ticketing Platforms/Box Office

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When an artist is coming to a venue near you, your local box office and primary ticket platforms will post information regarding the availability of the tickets. You can seize the opportunity to check up on these platforms and get a chance for discounts or presale offers before the tickets go on general sale.

3. Social Media

Following the social media accounts of your favorite musician means that you’ll stay updated on dates for their upcoming tours and schedule. Social media platforms are the best places to get info and details for tour dates and venues. Following the artists on social media could be really beneficial. You might get the chance to grab a presale code which will give you exclusive access and benefits like skipping lines and selecting seats of your choice.

4. Venues/Arenas

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One of the simplest methods to search for concerts near you is by paying a visit your local venue or arena where the concerts usually take place. Next time when you’re anticipating a concert, you could try visiting the arena to get information. If you don’t want to physically go, then you could try visiting their website to get more details and contact them for inquires and special offers.

5. Pre Sale Tickets

Pre-sale tickets are some sort of special tickets where you apply a code to buy tickets before they even go on sale. They offer customers benefits like skipping the crowded waiting line and choosing the best seats in the house.

Prior top concerts taking place, some sort of contest for free tickets and passes take place. You could keep checking for information on where you can participate for these presale freebies.

Try to join fan clubs and websites of your favorite artists as they will keep posting updates on potential presale release codes which you can avail.

Buying the pre sale album bundle could also give you the chance to get one of these presale tickets which are typically rare to find.

Presale tickets are a great feature as you eliminate the chances of you not finding a ticket at the last moment. It also saves you from ticket scalpers where they charge absurd prices, saving you a lot of money.


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Thanks to modern technology, looking up and searching for tickets has never been this easy and straightforward. Online ticketing practices have made buying tickets for your favorite shows quite simple and free from hassle too. There are also so many discounts and deals that promoters and websites offer for concertgoers all across the globe.

But do not cut off the fact that you can still count on the usual methods of buying tickets from the box office or right at the venue. While these methods can be simple, you’ll also have to think about the long periods of time waiting in line with crowded people. Whenever you are trying to buy tickets online, make sure that you are doing your transaction through a legit and secure website only.