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When to Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

by Dangula Bingula

Losing a friend or family member is a grave affair even if we pay little attention to the reason of the death. When death of your loved one is caused by another person’s carelessness, you are naturally harmed and furious. Working with a brilliant wrongful death lawyer can encourage you and your family to proceed onward to recovery.

If a person’s life is taken because of the negligence of another individual, you will need a wrongful death lawyer. Negligence can be both the inaction or action that led to losing a life. Death is highly stressful for family members. Often, the stress can be overwhelming, and hiring an attorney is the last thing considered. If you don’t try to protect the financial interests of family members, it can hurt your claims.


According to Slater&Zurz, picking a wrongful death attorney soon after the accident should be a priority.

Even though nothing will bring your loved one back to life, the survivors may feel a sense of relief after the tragic accident if they get civil justice. Look for an attorney with vast experience with the accident that claimed your loved one. Holding the parties responsible for a fatal accident almost always requires a skilled lawyer. The lawyer will fight to ensure that the family of the victim is compensated adequately for the loss.

However, you need to know that pursuing a case and losing it after you have lost your loved one can even be more stressful. There are so many things that must be done to investigate an accident or incident after a wrongful death. If you are looking for a wrongful death lawyer, you can turn to the personal injury law firm baumgartnerlawyers.com for services.


The first and most important thing is hiring the right lawyer for this process. You need a lawyer with proven expertise to help you. You need someone who has handled cases similar to your case to help you with this. Usually, always look for a lawyer from your area other than shop for someone from a faraway place.

The reason for this is because the local lawyer has faced the judges in your area,and he knows how to present your case to them. When you have a good local lawyer, you maximize your chances of success. But if you choose a less experienced attorney, then you are not in the best position to help your case. The experience of the lawyer you work with is a factor in the success of your wrongful death case.

You need to know that the success of a wrongful death lies so much on the prowess of the person representing you. If you need to come up victorious with this case, then you need to look for someone in a lawyer well capable of handling the case for you. Here are some of the leading causes of fatal accidents.

Drunk Driving


The cause of a fatal accident will vary, and the best wrongful death lawyers can take on a variety of cases. The surviving family members should sue for compensation if it were a drunk driver who killed your loved one. However, the chance that the drunk driver faces real jail time makes the insurance coverage critical for full compensation.

Many states allow cases against bars that over serve patrons. An investigation into where the driver got drunk is probably warranted. Other ways lead to auto accidents besides drinking. There are many careless drivers out there, and their actions can lead to accidents and even death.

Even though you might avoid such drivers, sometimes the worst happens, and you might get knocked down. Sometimes, it might not just be you, but it could be your loved one. When such a thing happens, it will be right only for you to look for ways of getting justice in the end.

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving


One of the leading causes of a car accident is Distracted Driving. With the rise of smartphones and instant communications like texting and facetime, the number of fatal car accidents that involve a distraction has mounted in the last decade. According to the DOT, almost 3,000 people died in distracted driving accidents in one year.

Often, an attorney for the family will subpoena the cell phone records from the negligent driver where distraction is suspected. If the driver were distracted during the time of the accident, the driver would be held liable, and you will get compensation eventually.

Commercial Vehicle Accident


Commercial vehicle accidents cause a disproportionate number of fatalities. The main reason for the disparity is the size and weight of most 18-wheelers. When a big rig hits a car, the vehicle passengers are almost always severely injured or killed. Particularly at highway speeds. Professional truck drivers and their employers must comply with safety rules for large trucks. Inspection of the truck and investigation of the driver and company should be done by an experienced attorney soon after the crash.

The best wrongful death lawyers fight for their clients to maximize the compensation for the family. Find a lawyer who has experience in handling the specific case. Some cases are complicated, and hence you need a person with a proven track record winning those claims.

You will be increasing your chances of success when you bring the right attorney on board. Finding the right attorney for your family involves a little research. The good news is you have many capable lawyers to choose from to find the best fit for your case.



Getting assistance from a personal injury lawyer benefits an accident victim in several phases of lawsuit. Hiring the appropriate wrongful death attorney using these tips for the death claim will significantly impact the overall outcome of the lawsuit.