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What’s Special about Spam Protection

by Sinke Car

Email is an important part of the modern life of most people. However, far from the fact that everyone knows that the security of our mailboxes depends not only on the complexity and uniqueness of the password we set up. It is also necessary to pay attention to some other stuff to protect your email from any possible threats:

  • protection of emails you send/ receive;
  • email check for links to malicious sites and spam;
  • authentication and authorization for secure access to accounts;
  • the integrity and functionality of the mail service.

Protection of Critical Content


Your emails can be easily controlled by intruders. Check cleantalk to learn about WordPress spam in use. The same refers to your website, whose load speed can be considerably decreased due to spam and phishing. Besides, there is also a risk of your lead database to be overfull with odd and spam data. That’s why it is critically important to have a protection module in place.

Therefore, there are several additional layers of content protection during message sending. One of the most common types is data encryption, which ensures email security during its transmission over the Internet. This method is similar to putting a letter in an envelope. That is, you can see where the notification is sent, but its contents can only be seen after opening the so-called “envelope.”

Another method of email contents protection is full data encryption. The essence of this method is that the message gets encrypted by the sender and decrypted by the recipient. Thus, it is sent in an encrypted form, and no info can be accessed and viewed by others.

Email Protection from Spam


To safeguard your email from spam, you can set up a blacklist. You can also filter messages by the attachment type or allow sending emails from trusted sources only. What is more, you can also check messages for malware and viruses before they spread through the network.

Email Security with Authorization & Authentication

Attackers often use a simple method to spread threats through email – disguising malicious as ordinary ones. However, there are ways to limit this activity. In particular, these methods help verify the authenticity of the message content and control both users and accounts allowed to send messages from your organization’s domain.

Using authentication and authorization is an important part of managing your mail server. It is just like quickly deleting accounts or at least changing passwords for accounts that are no longer in use. 

Account Security


Multi-factor authentication is one of the most effective levels of email protection. Identification is carried out using a one-time key, which is sent to a user in the form of an SMS message. Multi-factor authentication assures mail protection and is an important part of the process of logging into an email account or network.

Software Protection

It is also important to regularly update the software, in particular, the operating system, as well as the application or browser that you use to access email. In such a way, you strengthen the protection of your email box. 

What Does It All Mean?


Due to the increase in the number of malicious messages being delivered to our mailboxes every day, experts recommend that users adhere to the basic rules for email protection and use reliable solutions for the security of mail servers.