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Things you should not miss when visiting Costa Rica

by Rhydian Choi

When it comes to vacation time, one of the most attractive destinations is Costa Rica. Located in the Caribbean, there’s no doubt it has lovely tropical weather. And this influences people’s vibes: Costa Ricans can be described as the warmest hosts, so friendly and kind!

What’s more, with its typical dishes, Costa Rica can be considered one of the countries with the most exquisite cuisine. So, whether you’re looking for some relaxing vacations or some adventure ones, this country offers a huge variety of activities to enjoy yourself, while trying the most delicious meals.

Doesn’t it seem attractive? Let’s find out!

Where to stay

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If you’re planning to stay in San José, you’ve started with the right foot. The capital city of this beautiful country provides different accommodation options, as the tourist city it is. You can choose among hotels, hostels, houses, apartments -it depends on what suits your trip best!

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Having different hotels along the country, this hotel thinks about each tourist’s dreams and needs, and if you’re thinking of staying in San José, this can be a great choice, since it’s located 15 minutes driving from the restaurant area.

Now that you don’t have to worry about accommodation anymore, let’s talk about what to do there.

Things to do in Costa Rica

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First of all, have you ever been to a volcano? At 90 km from San José, it is the Arenal Volcano, which is also at 7 km from La Fortuna Waterfall. This is a great tour you can go on to start your trip with some stunning views.

A second suggestion is another place which is worth visiting: Manuel Antonio National Park, where you can go a little further and let your adventurer spirit wake up. You can go on the exciting night jungle tour and discover what this wild place has to show you!

The third one, and another wise choice, is to visit the city of Cartago, at 20 km from San José, where you can go to the Irazú Volcano or to the Orosi Valley.

A great point to consider is that, if you stay in San José, you can make day-tours to all these amazing places, and at the same time, you can enjoy the city life it offers. In other words, you can have the best of both worlds!

The Manuel Antonio National Park is a must-see destination for visitors to Costa Rica. The park encompasses more than 9,000 acres of pristine rainforest and contains some of the best wildlife viewings in the country. Some of the highlights of this national park include abundant wildlife including elephants, jaguars, black howler monkeys, sloths, and toucans as well as over 50 different types of tropical plants and trees.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest is perhaps the most famous and enticing of all of Costa Rica’s national parks. With more than 1,000 varieties of orchids, including some of the world’s most sought-after species, Monteverde is a paradise for flower lovers. The cloud forest is also home to over 300 species of ferns and 220 types of trees. You’ll find plenty of monkeys, sloths, toucans, and other bird life as well. The park entrance fee includes guides who will show you around and explain the unique ecology of this cloud forest.

One more thing to see is the Playa Negra. The black sand and crashing waves make for a photographer’s dream come true, while the clear blue waters and palm-lined beach offer plenty of space to relax. If you’re looking to escape the crowds and get lost in some much-needed alone time, Playa Negra is definitely the spot for you. Even if you don’t manage to snag a spot on the beach, there are plenty of other activities and attractions close by that are sure to keep you entertained.

Are you a foodie?

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Thanks to its tropical location, Costa Rica is famous for having the freshest fruits and vegetables. Their colors and tastes will blow your mind! It’s a whole sensorial experience. And it is as appealing as it sounds: with the influence of Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, this country has created its own and it has become one of the most delicious around the globe.

Its national dish is the Gallo Pinto, a really tasty combination of rice and beans, which, by the way, are very typical ingredients in Costa Rica. A similar dish is Casado, made out of the same ingredients, but in this case, it also has meat.

Everybody knows this Caribbean country cultivates the biggest amounts of coffee in the area. And that’s the reason why it is so appetizing. So, trying some at a classic Costa Rican bar seems like the perfect opportunity, because, who doesn’t like coffee?

So, here’s my fourth suggestion: go to as many restaurants and bars as you can. You’ll be able to try all these dishes, coffee and even frescos or batidos, which are fresh fruit and milk or water shakes, the perfect match for Costa Rica weather. It’ll be a unique opportunity to discover new dishes and flavors, not to mention a complete new culture!

And this is one of the advantages of traveling, getting to know not only countries or cities, but also people and their culture. Isn’t it enriching?

As its name says: Rich Coast

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If you’re a traveler and relish enhancing your own knowledge of the world by visiting places with delightful cultures, even completely different from yours, this seems to be the ideal country for you! It has everything you’re looking for: the perfect Caribbean weather, warm people, plenty of accommodation offers, exquisite food and beautiful landscapes.

Let’s be honest. Is there anything better than being pampered at a fancy hotel, breathing pure tropical air, trying some coffee and enjoying a typical Costa Rican dish? Just picture it in your mind. You want to be there, and you will be. And if you want to move that body a little bit, you can always go to different volcanoes and parks to be in touch with nature and make the best out of that trip of your dreams.

So, take your pick, because Costa Rica is waiting for you! And you can’t wait to be there either.