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4 of the Best Video Repair Tools and Apps in 2024

by Tracy Finke

Videos are a huge part of our lives, especially those personal ones that we intend to save for life. Technology is advancing but in some parts, it can cause us huge headaches.

Imagine you have your wedding video recorded and set for some tiny changes, one click and you make one mistake making that video unplayable and unusable. The amount of pain, grief and sorrow that causes is huge.

Thanks to tech we can salvage those videos and we can make them our prized possession once again. Don’t get us wrong the problems with video faults and corruption does not always have to do with human error and ignorance. We use a lot of mediums for transferring and storing such things and most of the time those mediums like external drives, USBs and what not get corrupt, stop working or anything in between and cause our pain.

Thanks to hard-working specialists we are now able to fix our videos alone in the comfort of our home thanks to some apps and software we all have available for rather acceptable prices. If you recall several years back before we even had apps and software like this, we all had to carry our devices and videos to specialists to do this for us and usually it cost a pretty penny.

Times are changing and software like stellarinfo.com, are widely available to us all and more importantly easy to use.

The article today will list you some of the best video repair tools and apps that this year offered and we hope you will enjoy it!

1. VLC Media Player

Source: hub.packtpub.com

Believe it or not one of the most beloved software for playing videos is also software that can help you restore corruption in certain video formats. It is not first on our list because it is the best one out there but rather because most of us already have it on our computers.

There are a few things to know about this video player and they are: it is a free piece of software that can deal with minor video corruption and you, probably, already have it on your PC. The fact is that you can use VLC to fix broken AVI index files with ease as well as some codec errors, compression issues that may occur and those kinds of things.

The best part besides it being free is the fact that it is highly compatible with different kinds of devices like Windows, iPhone, Android and Mac. The downside to this is that it definitely can be used to fix major issues and it can be scaled across different video formats. It is limited and there is a possibility of it changing your original video to some extent as it tries to deal with severe corruption and damages.

2. Stellar Repair for Video

Video editing with laptop. Professional editor adding special effects or color grading footage for commercial movie.

Stellar Repair for Video software has the ability to repair videos shot on Android phones, DSLRs, iPhone, iPad, drone cameras, CCTVs etc. Also, it fixes all the videos that are corrupted and do not play in media players like VLC Media Player, Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media player, Winamp, etc. Click here to read more about the software.

Now some of you know about this software, some don’t but that is fine we are here to educate you and make you familiar with it. This software has been around for some time and it is a very powerful tool for fixing broken and corrupt videos. It boasts great reviews and user happiness which should be one of the factors that are proving it legit and good.

Other factors you should consider include the facts like – it can successfully repair more than 17 different video formats including the most familiar ones like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV; it can handle repairing multiple videos at once with decent speeds and that includes repairing videos that are 4k, 8k, 360o, and even VR videos.

There isn’t a lot of software and tools that can do that, to be honest. The price is moderate, maybe even low for its abilities and there are several plans you can opt from Standard, Professional to Premium and each one of these grants you more and more options.

With the least expensive plan, you can Fix Corrupt, Damaged, Broken or Unplayable Videos, with the Pro one you can do all that plus Repair Corrupt Videos & Photos, and with the Premium you can even Repair Corrupt Videos & Photos, Recover Deleted Photos & Videos. So basically with this tool you turn into a professional we once used to do this for us but in your own home. If you decide to use it to help your friends and family, you could easily make this tool payoff.

3. Remo Video Repair Software

Source: remosoftware.com

Now, this piece of the software tool is rather interesting as well. According to the experience, we can tell you that this is another good one when it comes to video repair and salvage tools. It is a bit pricier and as far as we can tell it doesn’t bring much more to the table. It also can tackle famous video files like MOV, MP4, AVI, DIVX as well as many more and it boasts easy fix solutions to and damaged, corrupt or broken video files.

Simplicity is the thing here and with Remo, you can fix videos shot on any camera in just 3 simple clicks. It fixes 4K, 8K videos as well but it also can tackle issues with videos made by drones and CCTV cameras which is awesome. It is available for Mac and Windows and it starts at $69.97.

4. Digital Video Repair tool

Source: tehnoblog.org

The last one is another free tool you can download and utilize but bear in mind it is another limited one. What this means is that using the Digital Video Repair tool you will be able to tackle issues with Mpeg 4 and AVI videos in a few simple steps.

With this tool you can easily fix broken MP4, MOV & AVI files that use encoders like Xvid, DivX, MPEG4and other codecs. By doing so you will allow yourself a smoother and perfect watching experience. This tool easily detects corruptions in videos and with speed fixes the indexes of AVI files. It will also easily tackle videos even greater than 2GB in size which is remarkable for a free tool. Since it is free it doesn’t hurt to try it out at least on some videos and some issues you are having.

So as you can see it is a short list but what we had in mind is to offer you something free and good and something that is not free but very good. The list you have here has the best of both worlds and is aimed toward users that have different issues.

For you that have complicated problems with professional videos, or videos of high importance you should go for one of the two that are paid tools while others that require smaller corrections to video formats that are lower importance can try one of the two free tools and see what the results are.