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Types Of IT Services That Your Company Can Provide

by Jajce d Muckic

If  you are thinking about starting an IT company, one of the most important steps is specifying what your services will be. There are no two IT services that are the same since there are various opportunities for delivering a service to a customer. There are various IT services to choose from, however, in this article, you will be able to read about the most popular ones. Here is a list:

1. On-Demand IT

The experts from computerone.com.au tell us that another popular way to build your company is to offer service on demand. Of course, you can still offer other things, but instead of customers paying a usual, monthly fee, they will just pay for each service that you provide.

On-Demand IT


2. Network Setup

For businesses that are looking to get their networks all set up and running, you could offer a preliminary setup service to them. It is possible for you to offer this as one service only, but it could be more profitable as a managed IT package.

3. Network Security

Today, cybersecurity is one of the biggest concern for all businesses. Hence, responding and evaluating potential risks and threats is a service that a lot of IT businesses do. Some companies will offer this as a part of a package, while others might offer it as a separate and standalone service.

Network Security


4. Managed IT Service

Service providers that work with small companies are called managed service providers. According to smbintegrations.com, you can actually implement a wide range of features, however, it allows the business to service the company’s network on a regular basis at a regular rate says this Managed IT Service provider in Houston. It is less expensive for companies over time since it can prevent major and expensive issues from forming.

5. Database Management

As you know, a database is a system that a business uses to access and monitor the data. It would implement things like employee and customer data, as well as finances and sales information. It includes organizing the collected data to ensure security, compliance, and performance of applications that are data-driven.


6. Cloud Computing

This includes any IT service that is delivered via the Internet or a cloud network. Hence, a cloud network platform offering would be in this category. So, you could make a type of software that is delivered to customers over the loud and then the company charges a membership fee for the access ability.

7. Software support

If you enjoy working on software products like the ones that run databases, multimedia, or spreadsheets, you can offer a service in which you will provide support for customers that need some technical fixes. You can focus on one specific service or a list of programs, or you could even offer a more generalized service.


8. Data Storage

You could also provide a service or platform that will store someone’s data. You could do this via a cloud platform or on-premises storage options for system backups or extra storage so that customers do not have to keep everything on their main devices. You could combine this service with a security service as well if you are dealing with sensitive data.

9. VoIP Service

As you know, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. You can offer customers an online service that will allow them to communicate with each other via voice calling on an ongoing or on-demand basis. You can even add this with another option for a managed IT service.


10. Computer repair

If you enjoy working with hardware, like motherboards, graphics cards, or computers, you can provide companies or customers with repair services. This does require meeting up with the customer in person, so you will want to focus on your targeted audience in your local community.


These are the 10, most common types of IT service that your company should provide. You can offer customers all these services or you could opt for several ones. Either way, you will need to work out a plan before you start marketing your services to potential customers.