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Top Energy Companies in Texas for 2024

by William Gist

Whether you have just moved to Texas because it may be one of the most beautiful states of the United States or if you own a business and wish to lower the expenses from your budget, you will be glad to know that Texas has energy deregulation.

What does this exactly mean? Well, it means that the government has put in place a set of rules and regulations that prevent companies to create a monopoly in the industry. In other words, you have access to several companies that can provide you with energy to your home or business.

However, as with every variety in choice, there are always options that are worse than others. So, if you want to find the best pricing and the company with the most reliable electricity supply, you will have to do a bit of research. Fortunately for you and everyone else that is interested in this subject, we have already made a list of the top energy companies located in Texas in 2024.


Things you should consider before making a choice

It is very important to understand that not every business in this industry is the same. Some will be legitimate with a high price per kilowatt-hour others may be sketchy, but they will bait you with their fair prices. You shouldn’t take anything for granted. Carefully analyze the plans the energy providers offer you before you make the final decision.

How to find the cheapest rate?

Some people don’t exactly care about the reliability or quality of the service and they just want the cheapest energy rate they can find. This is completely understandable and we believe that it is worth mentioning how to find that exact information.

In the past, finding which company provides the lowest price per kilowatt-hour would require you to visit every single provider personally or call them. This can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, in these modern times, all you have to do is input your zip code in any of the online websites that provide energy rate comparison. If you are looking for such a website, you should check out EnergyBot.



We believe that when it comes to companies from this industry, it is important to consider several different factors before making any kind of list. Naturally, you get to decide which factors are more important than others. If you prefer quality over cost or cost over quality, that is entirely up to you.

  • Client service

Before you sign up for a plan with a company, you will want to make sure that they treat you as best they can. If a certain business has a reputation for bad customer service then maybe you should reconsider your options.

  • Pricing

Pricing might be one of the most essential things to factor in when making a choice for the best energy provider. If they do not provide competitive pricing then you won’t even consider them as an option. The whole point of this article is to get a satisfying service at a reasonable fee which is why we factored in competitive pricing too.

  • Financial history

This might not be one of the most essential factors you are going to consider, but a company’s financial history may be useful. It can tell you about their past and future and whether they will are a long-term solution to your problems. There’s no point in signing up for a provider that might go bankrupt in just a couple of years.

  • Free installation

A rare occurrence, but it is a nice idea that some businesses offer totally free installation to your home. We believe that this is also important for some people, so we factored it in.

Top energy companies in Texas

Now that we have got all the specifics out of the way, we can start focusing on which companies do offer the best services in Texas.

1. 4Change Energy


4Change has had more than ten years of experience in this industry and in Texas too. 4Change was first founded with the goal to break down the monopoly in Texas and to help the community as much as possible. They claimed that profits were not their number one priority. Even after ten years of providing services they still stay true to their goal and even donate four percent of their total earnings.

Customer satisfaction with 4Change is extremely high, so if you are looking for a provider that will never disappoint you, this is the choice for you.

2. Direct Energy


The company was first founded in Canada in 1986, but since then, it has operations in every single state in the United States, providing electricity to millions of people.

Many customers have claimed that this company has great customer service and are willing to help you with any kind of problem. Their source of electricity is consistent and reliable with minimal blackouts throughout the year. But, we should also note that they do like to price themselves out of the market. First, they offer competitive prices and then they will spike their fees for a couple of months. After those couple of months, they drop the price again to pull in new customers. It certainly is an unusual strategy, but it definitely works.

3. Gexa Energy


This provider is a great option for those that are looking for a certain electricity plan. They can offer you more than a few plans with impressive features and fees. What’s even more interesting is the fact that they can completely refund you during the first 60 days if you are not satisfied with their service. So, if you want to experiment a bit more with your choices, you should definitely try Gexa Energy.

4. Green Mountain Energy


This company is a famous choice for Texans because it has been part of the industry for more than twenty years. We believe that it deserves to be on this list because it is the only 100% green provider in the entire state.