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Top 5 road trips in the world

by Jajce d Muckic

What would be more thrilling than an adventurous road trip to a place you are totally unaware of? The Almighty has given us a grateful opportunity to travel around this dynamic and vibrant world. To experience the divinity of his creation, and what do we do instead? Just sit in a small corner of the world, living a sedentary lifestyle, waiting for death to come.

The amazement of life is in exploring the world in and out, you should never leave a chance to regret that you had a blissful scope of exploration and you missed it sitting in front of a virtual world that will at no point give you the feeling of self-actualization. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and move out to a destination which will blow your mind to the extinct, and you would never wanna come back!

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In the following article, we are going to present you the most interesting road trip locations you should visit, at least, once in your lifetime!

1. Route 62, South Africa

Img source: capecountryroutes.com

With a trip of 748 kilometers starting from Capetown to Port Elizabeth Route 62 comprises of several points of attraction which one would never resist, from conventional authors to rebellion bikers, this road Journey has something for all. This nine and half hour long route has the potential to engage you here up to a week.

2. NC500, Scotland

Img source: cnn.com

This 830 km long, coastal journey around Scotland will leave you stunned with the scenic beauty. It gives you the opportunity to encounter the royalty within. With Beauly Priory, Castle of Mey and Snoo Cave as a visiting option, you can enjoy staying at  Tulloch Castle, Kincraig Castle, Dornoch Castle as well.

3. Great Ocean Road, Australia

Img source: australia.com

A road trip which no traveler would ever miss is Australia’s Great Ocean Road, which begins in the state of Victoria at Torquay and covers a range of 600 km full of bewildering flora and fauna along with exotic Beaches and pretty Villages. Its most admired attraction is Shipwreck Coast, having 8 Apostles, an enormous structure of rock pillars with a height of 200 feet.

4. The Atlantic Road, Norway

Img source: earth.esa.int

With a stretch to just 8 kilometers, it has all the angles to thrill your ride. It’s definitely not a deal for feeble hearted people, but a course for adventure lovers. It looks exactly like that roller coaster ride which is controlled by you. This journey takes you to the most satisfying phenomenon of this earth i.e. sun kissing the earth as it’s own child.

5. Amalfi Coast

Img source: JetsetChristina.com

Amalfi Coast or Costiera Amalfitana is a 50 km stretch in Italy, if you are planning to visit Italy, then this road trip is something you won’t miss for sure! Its honed edges will make you conscious time to time, as that’s a narrow drive, and to enjoy all its beauty you have to take many stopovers. There is beauty filled in Church’s nearby villages, scenic beaches and many more.

The story doesn’t end here as this is just a teaser of what this world has to offer. Now it’s your time to pack your bags, change your lifestyle and at least once in a year plan a venturesome road trip to awaken the daredevil inside you.