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Top 3 Essay Writing Guides to Use for the Best Results

by Dangula Bingula

The college life often surprises you with challenges, demands, and deadlines that you might not have expected. The ability to overcome these obstacles and meet all the requirements with motivation and intrigue is vital if you want to not only complete your studies but ace them in the process.

One challenge which every single student faces throughout their college life is essay writing. This will never be any student’s favorite part of college life, but it is something which you need to be able to fully understand and master if you want to achieve any degree of success throughout your course of choice.

Some students are more practical, and some are more theoretical. But whichever camp you fall into, it’s a worthwhile use of your time to learn about the specific essay writing types and how to complete them correctly. This could be the difference between success and a big fail,as stated by bestessayhelp.com. Luckily, many colleges and educational institutions understand that essay writing can be a real challenge for many students, and as such, have put together several writing guides to help you out. The difficulty? The sheer number of guides, and understanding which is more helpful than others!

3 Guides to Help You Master Essay Writing


Many guides are better than others, and the three guides you see below have been chosen due to their ease of use and the information contained within them.

  1. Harvard University Essay Writing Guide. When information comes from Harvard, you know you can trust it! This is one of the best guides around and is full of useful information. The plus point of this particular guide is that it is easily split into various different sections, which you can browse and click on according to your needs. There is no necessity to read through endless amounts of text, simply find what you want, e.g. comparative analysis, academic essays, formatting, etc, and click.
  2. University of Leicester (UK). These guides aren’t supposed to be long and laborious to be comprehensive, and this particular guide is a good option if you simply want an outline of what you need to include and how to do it. Written in easy to understand language with clear headings, this guide covers everything that a standard essay requires of students and gives you information on how to format the final submission.
  3. International Student. It gives you the main points of essay writing in clear terms, with dos and don’ts to follow. It tells you what each section needs to include, as well as giving you hints on how to grab the reader’s attention from the very start. The introduction section is one of the most important if you want to hold an interest in a credible way.

Some Essay Writing Tips to Stand Out


Regardless of the type of essay you are attempting to write, it’s vital that you keep the question close to your mind. Ensure that you answer the question, throughout the main body, but especially in the conclusion. Many students fail to do this, finding it easy to go off subject throughout the main body of text, and receive a poor mark as a result!

A high-quality essay should have an attention-grabbing, credible introduction, a full body of text in the middle section, which explores the various answers to the question and is full of sources to back up any claims given, and finally, a conclusion which gives that final answer and sums everything up.

In addition, there are different layouts for different types of essay, and some essay writing guides on HowToWrite.CustomWritings.com will give you the best information which type of structure to use. By doing this, you’re ensuring that you’re not setting yourself up for failure – it is something which most students worry about when it comes to writing comprehensive essays.