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Top 7 Tips To Increase Sales In 2024

by Victoria Boatright

Want to increase your sales? Check out these top tips and methods for driving in more sales volume and growing cash flow and profits…

As some of the top startup accelerators like Alejandro Cremades teach their startups, sales are the lifeblood of all startup businesses. Sooner or later, you have to have sales to stay alive. To grow and thrive, you need to increase your sales. Either in transaction volume or dollars. So, how do you intend to get more of them?

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1. Get Back To Understanding Your Customer

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You know you’ve hit product-market fit when sales start going through the roof, and it’s hard to keep up with demand. If you haven’t reached that point yet, or you did, and you lost it, then the first step is to get back in tune with your customers.

Maybe you missed something. Or maybe they changed. Customers evolve too.

Some of the efficient ways to do this include:

  • Listen to your front-line staff; they are closest to the customer.
  • Have conversations with customers and prospects
  • Send out surveys to prospects and existing customers.
  • Check your online reviews and complaints.
  • Watch your website analytics.

Gather the data and then make appropriate tweaks to product, pricing, ads, and sale pitches.

These updates will help make sure that you are selling to current and future needs and goals.

2. Conversion Optimization

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The biggest challenges for businesses are not driving on website traffic and calls. Those things are easy.

However, there can be a huge gap between clicks and calls versus closed sales and revenues.

If you aren’t enjoying high conversion rates, then it is probably a smart time to do an audit and tweak your website, landing pages, and sales scripts for conversions.

This may call for cosmetic changes, improving text copy, or the sale process. Sometimes, it is the seemingly minor thing to you, which are the big barriers and turn-offs to your customers.

3. Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

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It may be the right time to upgrade your marketing strategies. If you don’t have a real plan or haven’t updated your marketing strategy and plan in a while, it’s time to have another look.

You may even want to bring in an outside marketing pro to give you an unbiased expert opinion. This can be a strategic consultant, on-demand remote CMO, or freelancer. They may just provide an hour or two of consulting, provide brand new up-to-date market research, develop a new brief and focused plan for you, or stay on to help implement agreed-upon recommendations.

You may specifically want to look at messaging, current competitors and value propositions, marketing channels, and funnels.

Often the two biggest challenges, especially for startups and younger businesses, are visibility and credibility. Either people aren’t aware of you and your solution, or they don’t trust you enough and put enough value on your product or service.

Above all, make sure you are not just blindly copying the competition. Just because someone else looks like they are being successful with certain marketing, advertising, or tactic doesn’t mean they are. It could be bankrupting them behind the scenes.

Many people think of the build, and they will come mentality, which never happens. For this reason, you need to constantly think about how you are going to onboard people in a super-efficient way so that you can convert them and end up making a sale.

4. Hire Better Sales People

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Maybe better results will require better salespeople. Also, as they say, A+ people will hire A+ people while B- will hire average folks. Always shoot for the moon top when it comes to talent, and make sure to provide them with the best tools available, find out more at https://www.allego.com/blog/what-is-sales-enablement/.

You may be able to train and empower your current sales team more. Try that.

If it still isn’t working and they aren’t up to the job, then try bringing in some new help. This may actually apply to your openers and appointment setters, closers, and customer service team. They can all impact sales.

5. Target Repeat Business

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More business from old existing customers is the easiest and most profitable way to increase sales revenues.

Just be careful you don’t copy the mistakes of many public companies that end up trying to just milk every drop from their customers at the cost of their reputation and longevity. Continuing to try to take more while giving less can be a losing strategy, you may not get a chance to recover from.

There are tons of effective ways that you can do it well. You could even upsell, cross-sell, and offer add-ons during the initial sales process. Just make sure you aren’t deceiving prospects with your sales tactics and pricing.

You can be sure that you keep in touch with customers to serve their repeat needs. Try to stay at the top of their minds with regular communications. Valued interactions, not spam. Roll out Growave customer loyalty programs to keep them motivated to to choose you on Shopify.

6. Generate More Referrals

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If you’re not proactively and seriously working referrals, then this one move could catapult your sales transaction and dollar volumes.

This is indeed one of the easiest to close sources of leads and most profitable.

This does require you wow your customers and treat them well, even after the sale. However, you should be striving to do that anyway.

You can ask for referrals during the sales process and on a regular basis through email, phone and text, social media, and in person.

You may even want to roll out your own affiliate program to financially motivate others to drive in more sales, while only paying when you get results.

7. Make New Connections Daily

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Put simply, if you want more business, it all comes down to the number of new connections you make on a daily basis.

If you want to get your sales up, boost the number of new connections you make. As a solo entrepreneur, this could be simply knocking on doors and handing out business cards. As a company with a business development team, it can be upping their quotas and focus on the number of new contacts made each day.