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16 Surprising Things You Can Buy With Cryptocurrency – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Some people believe that cryptocurrencies are only for wealthy people. Think again if you’re one of these people. If you’re willing to part with some, you might be surprised to hear that there are some items you can use them to pay for. There are over 100,000 merchants who will accept them for their goods or services all across the world, with many of them in the United States.

1. Food, drinks, and clothing

img source: news.bitcoin.com

Bitcoin is commonly accepted as a form of payment in independent coffee shops and cloth retailers. This is a pretty common occurrence in the United States. This form of purchase is also used by online services and businesses.

2. Home Goods

Are you looking for some new furniture? Overstock is willing to accept your Bitcoin. Simply add the items to your cart and select “Pay with Bitcoin” at the checkout. Of course, there’s a catch. Only Overstock.com gift cards, in-store credit, Club O points, and/or discounts can be combined with bitcoins.

Consider Fancy.com if you’re seeking high-end furniture. Fancy, which is based in New York City, sells its things through customers submitting images on social media. You can use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to pay for your purchases on Fancy.

3. Tickets to a Concert

img source: pinterest.es

Although some venues will take cryptocurrency as payment, not all ticket sales agents will. For example, TicketSales.com, one of the most trusted sources for concert tickets in the United States, does not accept this mode of payment. However, their bargains are often too tempting to pass up, so simply withdraw funds from your cryptocurrency wallet and pay using your debit card.

Start trading at bitqt-pro.com and buy the amazing things on this list using your cryptocurrency funds.

4. Automobile parts

This may seem strange, but it’s true. You can buy almost any element of a car online, whether it’s a set of headlights, a turbo, or an exhaust pipe. Cryptocurrency is accepted by a large number of businesses.

5. Betting on the internet

img source: pokernews.world

It’s just recently become possible to gamble with crypto-cash online, and if your state permits it, you can do so as well. It is relatively easy to access, despite the fact that it is not recommended. However, if you choose to do so, make sure you read everything the website has to offer. Scammers have been known to use certain websites.

6. Electronics

Are you looking for technological devices? Bring your bitcoins to Newegg, a website that allows you to pay with them directly from your Bitcoin wallet.

You won’t be limited to computers and software because Newegg sells everything from gaming seats to drones. On Newegg, you can even buy pressure washers and dishwashers.

7. Taking a taxi

img source: dotheyhavezoos.wordpress.com

It’s astonishing how many different ways you can arrange and pay for transportation in various nations. Countries like Hungary and Argentina accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies, making payment for rides much easier and faster.

8. Playing video games

Many companies now provide video games and streaming accounts in exchange for Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are being used in some games, such as Minecraft, for in-game network power.

9. A Vacation

img source: wtop.com

If you’re planning a trip soon, you can use Bitcoin to reserve and pay for your accommodations. CheapAir is one of the numerous airlines that currently accept Bitcoin payments. You may also use Expedia, which accepts bitcoins, to book your flight.

Once you reach your location, your crypto payment options do not cease. A growing number of hotels, notably The Kessler Group, a premium hotel company based in the United States, are accepting Bitcoin.

10. Books

If you enjoy reading a lot or collecting comic books and periodicals, you’re in luck because crypto-cash may be used to buy them. Because Bitcoin has a higher value, it is considerably easier and sometimes more economical to buy in bulk.

11. Charitable contributions

img source: bithope.org

Cryptocurrencies can be used for more than just unlawful purchases and nefarious activities, like buying a cup of coffee. Some charities accept coins as a form of payment if you have some on hand. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often, but even a single coin can make a huge difference.

12. Online dating membership

This is not a frequent feature on dating services, but it is available on a few. You can buy memberships, skips, and likes, as well as send your potential future partner some cryptocurrencies as a gift if the site permits it.

13. Coffins and Caskets

img source: lovetoknow.com

It may sound morbid, but it is sometimes necessary. This allows for faster transactions and delivery, which is why some funeral homes offer it as an option.

14. Services provided by restaurants

While you’re thinking about food, there are a few fast-food establishments that will accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Subway is one of them. Over the last decade, a number of locations have announced their support of Bitcoin.

15. Arms and ammunition

img source: deccanherald.com

This is when things can become a little sketchy. To purchase weapons of any type in the United States and many other states, you must first obtain a license. Although you will be asked for your permit identification when purchasing online, someone who is computer savvy can easily skip this step.

16. A College Degree

If none of the preceding surprises you, then the idea that you may now pay for a master’s degree in digital currency surely won’t either. Cyprus’ university is the first educational institution in the world to make it possible. Additionally, if you choose this mode of payment, you will receive a 5% discount.


This is just a teaser of what you can do or buy with your crypto-money, as it is still a developing economy with plenty of room for the unexpected. Don’t be afraid to venture into new realms and see what Bitcoin has to offer the general population. It doesn’t have to be a long-term experience, but it will become increasingly common in the near future, so you might as well learn about the true nature of it all.