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Things To Consider When Setting The Price Of Your Car

by William Gist

We all know that sad moment when we need to get rid of our old car. Laying our hands off the vehicle which served us for many years is tough, but when money is in question, we have to do the things that need to be done.

Selling a vehicle is simple, but selling it for the right price is where things can get a little bit tricky. The thing about buying and selling used vehicles is that people who sell them obviously want to earn a fair amount of money, especially if the car is in great condition and was really taken care of, and the people who buy them always want to pay a lower price simply because the car is labeled as “used”.


Now here’s the trick, although you can’t sell a used vehicle for more than sixty percent of its brand-new price, sometimes the car is in such a good shape that it is definitely worth more than that. Especially if you’ve managed to add a few upgrades here and there during your years of using it.

Some people really care about their cars, and although it might be a rare sight, sometimes on the used vehicles market there are cars that look better than the ones bought from a saloon two months ago. So why are we telling you all this? Because we want you to score a fair price when selling your used vehicle. Here’s how you’ll do it.


When it comes to selling a used car to a certain someone, convincing them to just give you more money than what they offer will simply not work, so you need to show them some proof. Using a free online service such as pricemycar.com.au will help you compare the prices with all similar car models that are being sold at the moment, and that were sold in the past few months as well. This works for so many car models at the moment, so even if you have a Mazda, Toyota or a BMW, there’s nothing to worry about.

By showing the person that your car is in the similar price range as the other ones of the exact same model, you will most likely be able to help them realize the real price of the vehicle.


If you are a person who doesn’t really like to constantly meet people face to face just to see if they like your car or not, simply listing your car on the application will do the trick. Due to the huge number of users in the community, you will most likely find a buyer in a very short period of time. And this buyer will not be someone who’ll try to negotiate, simply because they’ve already seen the price and compared it with the other cars of the same model on the application itself.


Remember that selling a used car for the right price is just a matter of being both careful and patient. There is someone out there who really wants to buy your car, but they probably didn’t hear about the deal at all. So just wait, don’t make any fast decisions, and sooner or later you’ll score a good deal on your ride.