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The Pros and Cons of Nano-Scale Brewing

by William Gist

Perhaps, you have decided you want to go the beer making way. As you plan, you’ll realize that there are several beer making kits you ever knew about. However, with these thousands of gears and equipment, you will note that they are quite different on how they are designed for the purpose. According to yolongbrewtech.com, nano brewing equipment is one of them, and practicing Nano-scale brewing is drastically taking shape globally. Moreover, Nano brewing is gaining popularity because it allows even the small scale brewers to have upgraded equipment to enhance their businesses.


Small scale brewing businesses can be quickly started, for a startup since low capital is required. Investing in Nano-scale brewing can demonstrate a great beginning if you intend to hit the local market. However, you need to understand that, like any other business, Nano-scale brewing has its pros and cons.


  • Easy to Takeoff

If you choose a Nano-scale brewing for business, the startup process is simple and comfortable even in the local market; you only need a small amount of capital. This is unlike other craft breweries where heavy machinery and specific types of mechanisms are necessary for the business groundwork.


When you launch a Nano brewery unit, you can ideally make it a sole business; you become your own boss. This is a significant step in entrepreneurship since you’ll gain the profit all alone from your business. Depending on the size of your business and location, you may not necessarily need to employ a chain of workers; however, up to 5 of them can be enough. The business is usually manageable.

  • Safety

Beer making is a process that requires high-end safety. Intensive heating is involved, and when you have a Nano-scale for your business, count yourself lucky. It’s always passed through various tests, and it’s certified under AS and PED; this controls the pressure. Additionally, it’s typically approved under CE, CUL and UL and all these are for electrical and cabinetry control purpose. When doing your business, you have nothing to worry regarding your safety.

  • You Can Utilize It On Your Budget

Logically, when starting your brewing business, the capacity that you want to start with might be small. However, for Nano-scale brewing, you can adjust your equipment for future use depending on the capacity you desire. Following this drift ensures that as a brewer, you stick or work within your budget; allowing you to get better and affordable quality.

  • Saves you Money

Typically, Nano brewery equipment is made to manage the continuous heat, the chemical as well as the biological reaction that takes place during the brewing process. This feature demonstrates the durability and strengths that come with the equipment. Besides, unlike other brewing apparatus, it’s made with steel and aluminium elements; therefore, it doesn’t catch rust quickly. This implies that its usability is prolonged; hence, it can serve your business for a longer time.


What is more, Nano requires no frequent repairs as there are no recurring breakdowns during brewing like in large scale brewing machines. Therefore, you may brew and run your business with the confidence of long-lasting equipment. Finally, as operation costs seem to be minimal, you can make money and encounter profits as expected.

On the other hand, since it’s a small business and you invested a little capital, the risk of losing money is low-slung. Therefore, it’s your option to either expand or leave it at that level.

  • Efficiency

Perfect beer is equal to a great business.

Ideally, a beer making procedure is quite a delicate activity. However, if you started your business using a Nano-scale for brewing, you will comprehend that it is designed to cater to the beer’s safety. It’s made to ensure that no bacteria enter the equipment and the whole lot of the product isn’t tampered with. Additionally, one of its features that are reinforced is the “pan boiling process”, and this is where bacteria are destroyed. Subsequently, the beer is conveyed to a closed chamber without interaction from external elements. Besides bottling process being another loophole for bacteria, this feature is guarded though, and it demonstrates that your business is not at jeopardy as your beer is safely brewed; and contamination of any kind that was to occur is managed.



While Nano-scale brewing comes with various benefits, it also has its downsides that you should know before opting for it.  The drawbacks include:

  • Fewer Profits

Since it is small scale commerce, it means the business may result in smaller profits. Unless you innovate the business, the gains are typically limited for a small scale business.

Additionally, while you have a smaller workforce, the product you sell in the market will also be limited. Logically, Nano-scale brewing creates a small supply of beers of one batch on the least side. This reveals a contrary version on other types of craft breweries where they produce more beers; a disadvantage with Nano brewing.

  • Competition

Nano-brewing being a small business, you are likely to face competition in the market with some having reached their breakeven stage. Besides, they are mostly easier to gain customers from their already stable business, and that said, they earn a full profit.

Furthermore, on matters labour; more labour means lesser products and some opt to employ fewer workers to maximize profits. Therefore, because you invested in a small business, some of the processes like fermenting may necessitate a workforce; depending on the type of Nano equipment you purchased. Hence, you may need to upgrade to one that’s able to produce more beers to avoid lacking behind.

Additionally, you may experience a con on the starting costs, for instance; license facilities, business permits and other expenses that are inevitable when opening g a business or company. Although inevitable, these costs can draw you back.



Having identified the benefits and drawbacks of Nano-scale brewing, you most probably know if it’s your option or not. Basically Nano-scale brewing is beneficial especially for startup business people who are interested in the product. If this is a challenge you will take, it could also be helpful to you. Besides, you are likely to experience no bankruptcy for such a small capital startup compared to outsized businesses. With people’s adoration for beer, your business won’t face many drawbacks.