Home Entertainment ‘Joker is a Bad Copy of Chandler from Friends’, the Fans Claim

‘Joker is a Bad Copy of Chandler from Friends’, the Fans Claim

by Tracy Finke

Only to the few Chandler from “Friends” came to mind as they watched “Joker”, but if you rewind, it makes sense.

The whole world has gone crazy for the “Joker” movie, and for weeks every little aspect was argued. The scene where Joaquin Phoenix dances on the stairs has become legendary, with fans noticing an important detail, claiming the Joker is just a “bad copy” of Chandler from “Friends”.

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Even Matthew Perry liked this joke, so he posted on his Twitter profile that Joker seems to have copied his dance moves from the kitchen for the most memorable scene in the movie.

Perry shared a meme with a short description, “You’re welcome.” His post was then followed with a flood of other memes in which Joker’s movements are supposedly copying Chandler’s.

“He stole everything from you,” the fans of both characters made a joke. It seems that the Joker smokes like Chandler, his makeup looks like Chandler’s, he tosses around on taxis like Friends character…

The similarities never end.