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The Impact Of Technology On Brick And Mortar Business

by William Gist

Technology development greatly affect every aspect of our lives. So it is in business. Over the last decade, the changes in technology have had an impact on the brick and mortar business as well. Such a pace of change is likely to continue. What can we expect in the future and how to deal with the competition? Here are some possible answers.

Why Are Modern Technologies Important In The Retail Business?


In recent years, many retail companies have experienced the so-called “bubble burst effect”. This situation is caused by the fact that more customers are turning to online shopping. Such circumstances led to the closure of numerous retail and craft stores. However, brick-and-mortar stores do not have to go to history. Just follow the new business trends and avoid the classic pitfalls. Such mistakes can lead you to bankruptcy.

For starters, you need to meet the expectations of modern customers. You need to upgrade your business experience. Technology is there to help you reach your goals. The aspects of modern technology in retail are present in many industries. They can find application in many companies with tailored goals and needs. You’ll see for yourself that digital transformation will help you innovate your business. It will be done in the most efficient way possible.

The Internet Of Things


The Internet of intelligent devices provides an effective connection between the digital and physical world. This technology has the potential to create a renaissance in the retail business. New-tech devices find their place in everyday life. They will enhance the experience of your customers. Therefore, they will most likely be brought back to your store. Mobile payment and efficient inventory systems are reducing the waiting time. That, as well as augmented reality,  will give your customers more personalized contact.

Mobile and In-App Features


Brick and mortar business, as well as other retail stores, are accepting knowledge from e-commerce. Modern retail businesses are developing strategies to supply their customers online. That implies creating an app for their service or a brand.

According to techtiqsolutions.com, these apps are very practical for retail business owners. And yet, they are very simple to use. The app provides customers with information such as products, special offers, working hours, locations, etc. They mostly provide easy navigation or visual and voice search. Therefore, they are extremely popular among consumers.

Artificial intelligence

This type of technology will have a huge impact on retailers. Things like robotic automation and AI will change the retail experience. It will be done with the help of humanoid interactions. They will increase touchpoints between consumers and sales. The recommendation engines will guide consumers to easily find what they need, even if they don’t know it from the start.

Augmented Reality



AR technology is evolving rapidly. It is expected to see it showing up in big storefronts. Its functions will allow customers to easily browse products and shop. Today, AR is implemented in many brick-and-mortar stores. It is expected to see its modification based on individual business needs.

Automated Checkouts


Automated checkout is a ramping up technology. There are many reasons for that. When we recapitulate the list of places where we waste our precious time, we can see it’s highly justified. Waiting in lines while shopping is at the top of that list. So this technology makes it easier for customers as well as sales. Today, many businesses want to cut their expenses, and people want to be more productive. Therefore, automated checkouts are a huge business relief in the future.