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The Benefits to a Self-Cleaning Litter Box For Your Cat

by Jajce d Muckic

You could say that every cat owner dreams of a litter box that will scoop itself up. But thanks to science and technology, we have that. But self-cleaning litter boxes have been frequently put to the sword and questioned whether they are effective devices. The short term answer would be YES, they absolutely are.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the benefits to a self-cleaning litter box, and how your cat benefits from it.

1.    You Spend Less Time Scooping


Self-cleaning litter boxes scoop themselves up after the cat uses it. They use an automatic system that allows you going weeks without even looking at the litter box. These types of litter boxes work in a way that they detect whenever your cat uses the litter box, and automatically raking the waste into a specialized waste receptacle. This means that you won’t have to scoop every time your cat goes to the bathroom, and you can simply empty the waste container once or twice per month.

2.    Encourages Litter Box Usage

Cats like their litter box to be as clean as it can be. One thing I’ve noticed from all these years of my cat taking care of me is that cats don’t appreciate their litter box is filled with feces. They like it nice and clean, and a clean litter box prevents toileting problems.


Another thing to note is when you frequently notice that your cat litters outside the box. This is a clear sign of rebellion and it is a way of your cat saying to get up and clear the litter box. If there is too much waste buildup in the litter box, then your cat will liter somewhere else, somewhere where you can feel the smell.

By using a self-cleaning litter box, you are effectively eliminating these problems and you won’t have to be schooled by your cat on a weekly bases. With so many types of self-cleaning litter boxes, it can be hard to find the perfect one. Luckily you can read more on Felineliving.

3.    Effective Odor Control


One thing that we absolutely cannot stand about normal litter boxes, is the smell. Fortunately, self-cleaning litter boxes don’t have this problem and they are exceptional in controlling odors. Traditional litter boxes are also effective, but only if you scoop the waste as soon as your cat litters. Self-cleaning litter boxes scoop as soon as your cat finishes, which means they are more effective in doing their job than we are at doing ours. Furthermore, self-cleaning litter boxes seal away the waste in a separate, odor-neutralized receptacle, which doesn’t smell at all. PetLovesBest.com is one of those good blogs which reviews self-cleaning and automatic litter boxes and many other pet products.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Self-cleaning litter boxes might not appeal to all cats; it heavily depends on the cat’s behavior. Before you purchase an automatic self-cleaning litter box, you should consider whether or not your cat will actually use it. Most of these boxes are covered, and some cats don’t like to litter in a fully covered litter box. This is especially the case for cats who are easily frightened. Namely, these cats will never use it because self-cleaning litter boxes make noises when they scoop, and your easily frightened cat might not appreciate the noise or get scared.