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Summer Loving – 8 Spots for a Summertime Date

by Dangula Bingula

There’s a reason they never sang a song called “Winter Loving”, or even “Spring Loving” in Grease. Winter, with its inhospitable weather, and spring with its constant rain and gloom, make for lousy backdrops when it comes to romance. But summer’s heady mix of sunshine, warmth and all around good vibes more than makes up for the seasons preceding it.


Summer is the definitive season for dating. Whether you’re embracing the sunshine or trying to outrun it by getting cool somewhere, there is no shortage of date-appropriate things to do. In this list, let’s look at a few such activities: some of which have bee chosen because they embrace the sunshine, some of which are perfect because they help you keep cool, and others that are just amazing year-round.

The Carnival


The quintessential summer date spot, as seen in umpteen rom-coms and teen movies, the carnival has everything you want in an evening – games, thrills, strolls and greasy food. Most towns or cities have at least a temporary carnival, though if you live somewhere remote, you might have to drive a little while. It’s worth it though for that classic summer romance ambience. Just don’t fall for those ball and cup games!

Axe Throwing

This year-round activity is a new addition to the pantheon of incredibly fun pastimes, having just popped up in a significant way in the last decade. But don’t let its youth deter you – get the blood pumping with an axe in your hand and a drink in the other, and you’ll immediately understand why this is such a popular date spot. The object of the game is straightforward, with each of you taking turns throwing an axe at a wooden target. If you haven’t been before, all the better. When you book an axe throwing lane, it comes with a free tutorial from an axe throwing expert – check this out for more info.

A Food Fest

The key to the heart is through the stomach. With that said, there’s no better place to take a date in the height of summer than one of the many seasonal food fests. These are sometimes drawn along ethnic lines – Greekfest, Italian Fest, Chinese Night Market Festival, etc. – or the focus can be on a single ingredient – Ribfest, The Garlic Festival, etc. Sometimes, you’ll find food fests that are simply a broad celebration of local food and businesses.

Outdoor Music


Another feature of summer are the outdoor music festivals and acts that often dominate city park calendars, perfect opportunities each of them for a date. If your date or SO are into live music, this is an opportunity to enjoy it without having to hole up in a dingy bar or crowded arena.

A Microbrewery Tour

To beat the heat, head to a microbrewery, of which there are thousands in North America, many of them less than a decade old. Most microbreweries offer a tour of the facilities, complete with a beer tasting at the end to cap things off. It’s educational, delicious, and – crucially, during the hottest days of summer – breweries are often kept quite cold!



Bocce – or lawn bowling as it’s often called – is one of those rare games that puts leisure ahead of competition, which makes it ideally suited to a more laid-back date. Sets aren’t that expensive to purchase, and, once you have one, any open park space can become your own private bocce court.

Pottery Making Class

Most people will recall that steamy scene from the Ghost, where Patrick Swayze has his arms around Demi Moore, so pottery making comes with an automatic romantic association. But you don’t have to go all Ghost during the class; rather, pottery making can just be an interesting way to learn a new skill with your date or significant other.

Laser Bowling

Finally, a fine way to escape the heat, or head inside for an evening, is to partake in a game of bowling. But not just any bowling – laser bowling. If you’re unfamiliar with laser bowling, it’s pretty much exactly what you think – a bowling alley engulfed in a laser show. It’s a total 80s throwback (which is still pretty in vogue right now) and a real feast for the senses. Bowling alleys across the country are shuttering their doors, but if you look hard enough you should still be able to track down a few in your area.


Out in the sun, or inside where it’s cool, these eight ideas each make for a fantastic summer date. Get all the dating in that you can, because the frigid fall weather will be here before you know it!