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Sticky vs. Non Sticky bonuses: What You Need To Know

by Nebojša Vujinović

A surefire way for online casinos operating in the USA to attract and retain members is through bonuses – let’s face it, who doesn’t like a little something extra? But, for new and experienced players alike, understanding the many terms and conditions attached to these promotions can seem impossible.

What Are Sticky Bonuses?

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Casinos offer various bonuses as they are keenly aware of the competitive landscape across the nation, particularly in states like Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, where the online gambling market is thriving.

In places like Florida, where real money gambling has a significant presence, online casinos go above and beyond to ensure they stand out by providing enticing offerings.

This approach is not unique to Florida but is a common tactic across various states to draw players into the immersive world of online betting, promising more playtime, fun, and the potential for bigger wins. Now, these aren’t just words to entice you, they significantly influence how you play and most importantly, how you can cash out your winnings.

One of the most common offers you’ll find in any state are sticky bonuses, also known as non-cashable bonuses, which cannot be withdrawn.

They are “stuck” to your casino account, meaning you can wager and win using this money, but when it’s time to cash out, the bonus amount is deducted from your balance.

These are typically larger than non-sticky bonuses, offering players more substantial funds to play with, and are designed to boost your playing time and betting power, allowing for potentially higher wins.

They serve as a powerful motivator for players, providing them with additional funds in their balance to begin their betting. Often, these funds can double or even quadruple your deposit, offering up to 200% or 400% matches — this is very seldom matched by non-sticky offers.

However, since the bonus amount itself cannot be withdrawn, some players view these offers with caution.

Various Sticky Bonuses

Sticky Bonuses vs Non sticky Bonuses

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Throughout your experience, you will come across phrases like ‘for wagering purposes only’ when dealing with non-cashable bonuses, however, the casino site will still let you know if the money they’re offering is cashable or not.

These promotions are available in two forms: the ‘Disappearing Sticky Bonus’ and the ‘Expiration Sticky Bonus’.

Just as the name suggests, the ‘Disappearing/Phantom’ funds disappear once you cash out your winnings.

On the flip side, the ‘Expiration’ money stays in your casino account and you can use it to play a game of your choice until the set expiration date comes.

Sticky Bonus Pros & Cons


  • Higher Amounts: These deals often come with larger amounts, giving players more funds to play with.
  • Extended Play Time: The larger amounts allow for longer play sessions without dipping into real money balances.
  • Potential for Bigger Wins: A bigger bankroll means the potential for hitting larger wins, especially on slots with high volatility or table games with higher stakes.


  • Funds are Stuck: The bonus amount itself cannot be withdrawn, only the winnings generated from it, after meeting the betting requirements.
  • Tempting Deposits: Players might be tempted to deposit more than they would usually.
  • Terms and Conditions: Some players fail to understand the terms and conditions of these promotions.

When claiming any offer, it’s vital to read the terms and conditions attached. Wagering requirements, also known as playthrough requirements, are particularly important.

These requirements dictate how many times you need to wager your free funds before you can withdraw your winnings. Typically, sticky bonuses have lower wagering requirements since the free money itself cannot be withdrawn.

What Are Non-Sticky Bonuses?

Non-Sticky Bonuses in casino

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These offers mean that bettors can withdraw with their winnings once all the wagering requirements have been met. This promotion is added to your balance as a separate entity from your real money, and you start playing with your deposited cash first.

If you win while using your cash balance, you might be able to withdraw all your winnings plus the bonus, assuming you’ve met the casino’s playthrough requirements. These deals offer more flexibility and are generally preferred by players for their withdrawable nature.

Non-Sticky Bonus Pros & Cons


  • Flexibility to Withdraw: Bettors can withdraw their earnings before meeting the betting requirements, offering significant flexibility.
  • Lower Risk: Since you’re playing with your real money first, there’s a lower risk of losing free funds on unsuccessful bets.
  • Better for Casual Players: Ideal for those who prefer the option to cash out at any time without being tied down by stringent requirements.


  • Higher Wagering Requirements: To compensate for their flexibility, these offers may come with higher wagering requirements.
  • Potentially Less Money: These deals might offer less ‘free’ money upfront, as they are designed to be cashable.
  • Quick Depletion of Real Money: Since you use your real money first, there’s a risk of quickly depleting your funds before even touching the ‘free’ funds, especially in games with high volatility.

The Strategic Implications

Your strategy might differ based on the type of offer you choose. With sticky bonuses, since you know you cannot withdraw the bonus total, you might be inclined to take bigger risks, aiming for substantial wins since the funds are to be used purely for betting.

In contrast, with non-sticky bonuses, a more cautious approach might be advisable to protect your cash balance and meet the wagering requirements without depleting your funds.

Choosing Between The Two

Deciding between the two offer types depends on your gambling style and goals. If you’re in it for the long haul and enjoy playing with big amounts, sticky bonuses might be more appealing.

However, if you prefer the option to withdraw your winnings and bonus, a non-sticky bonus is undoubtedly the better choice.


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In conclusion, both types of promotion have their place in the online gambling world.

As gaming continues to grow in popularity, thanks in part to the increase in mobile gaming devices, we can expect to see more types of offers and deals in the future.

Both types cater to different types of players and strategies, offering varied pathways to enjoy your gambling experience.

By understanding the nuances between these promotions, you’re better equipped to make informed decisions that align with your gaming preferences and goals.