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4 Best Stag Weekend Activities to try in Europe in 2024

by Victoria Boatright

Taking a trip with your best buddies to have a real stag weekend is more and more popular, especially if you plan your stag trip for your bachelor’s party. When traveling together experiences are shared, special memories are created, so why not travel with your friends somewhere where your memories will be unforgettable. Let’s hope not as unforgettable as in that movie, the Hangover.

Planning is quite simple, just book accommodation, buy the tickets for the best clubs upfront, and let the best stag party of your life begin.

In accordance with the interests of the group, choose a destination for travel. Although many guys like to spend a bachelor party with drinks and music in a club, there are also those who would prefer a quieter version with friends. But if you chose Europe as a destination for your travel, we give you a guide for the best stag weekend activities in Europe.

1. Bucharest drink and dance tours

Source: urbanadventures.com

If Bucharest was not on your list of desired stag weekend destinations, put it! Romania generally has so many exciting things to offer, but Bucharest being the capital and all, is a nightlife mecca. You can consult bucharestbachelorparty.com for accommodation and many fun activities for the weekend, however, we recommend the tour through the Old Town, all of your stag party will enjoy.

The historic core of Bucharest, the Old Town, has received the much-needed reversal and, these days, is nothing but “old”. What was once the ground of the Rector’s Palace in the 15th century, and later the center of traditional crafts, such as shoeing and metalworking, was turned into a district for bars, clubs, and cafes. Here, small trails such as Strada Smârdan or Strada Covaci, with parties ranging from meals over drinks to dancing as the night progresses. For a drink, try Bicicleta, where the furniture is made from old bicycles. Forgoing out to clubs, mainstream bars like La Muse and Mojo, both in the heart of the Old Town, are places where all-day parties with dancing and DJs are reliable. Biutiful, not far from here, offers a high concept of industrial design with higher prices.

2. Amsterdam beer tours with an adult content

Source: welovecycling.com

Amsterdam could be the best choice for a stag weekend. When people think about Amsterdam, they think of freedom, because so many things are legal over there, that is not in the rest of Europe. And it offers countless ultra-fun stag activities that would hardly fit in this article. However, we managed to narrow it down to three suggestions.

Heineken Brewery tour – a stag Disneyland.

You will be fascinated by how they managed to tell the story of their brand, draw the visitor into the smallest details of the Heineken philosophy, provide two hours of fun, present all the key and strategic directions of the company and encourage you to spread all these experiences from the magic factory. You enter as a visitor, and you exit as a Heineken ambassador. After that tour, it is impossible to order anything other than Heineken (at least for the next few hours). To make everything even more fun, all visitors get the opportunity to be photographed as souvenirs as the “main characters” of the Heineken stickers or in traditional Dutch costumes.

Beer bike tour.

Go touring around the city for two hours, on a bike that can accommodate 22 people and 3o liters of beer.

Hard not to imagine how fun it can be, and it’s only in Amsterdam.

Canal Strip boat.

Not adding some adult content to your stag party is like you haven’t been to Amsterdam at all. Use the chance to travel down its famous canals, while being entertained by a good striptease show.

3. Belgrade rafts and “kafana”

Source: tasteserbia.com

Belgrade has always been known as a destination where there is good fun. Dozens and dozens of rafts, cafes, and discos all over the city are open almost every night, and the weekends are especially insane, just like for the New Year. Depending on what kind of music you and your friends listen to, ask yourself which club the party is just for you.

If you like that homely atmosphere, Kafana Ambasada, at the address Resavska 24, near the building of the Belgrade woman in the very center of Belgrade, works seven days a week from 10 pm to 4 am and offers top entertainment.

The Port by Community raft is also popular among young men for celebrating bachelorette parties, as are the Cartel and River rafts, while those looking for a striptease must go to the Romansa night bar in Skadarska 40.

4. Budapest spa party

Source: nationalgeographic.com

Budapest is a cheap destination in terms of food and drink prices and is a great choice for a weekend with the guys. First go to the ruin pubs everyone writes about because the prices of drinks are the best there, and live rock music often awaits you.

If you are looking for strip clubs, you will find them in Budapest, and if you want to undress, we recommend that you try swimming in the spa. Széchenyi terme (Állatkerti körút 9-11) is the largest in Europe! It is located in the center of Budapest. Be sure to go to the night party at the spa, which takes place on Saturdays from 10.30 pm to 3 am. Ticket prices range from 45 euros onwards.

So, you have our suggestions for the best weekend stag activities in different destinations in Europe. Do think about which weekend would be the easiest, if you’re traveling for a bachelor’s party, though. Just to make sure you have enough time to digest all the things that happened on your trip, before the wedding. To put it simply, give a couple of days in between the wedding and the trip. Organizing a bachelor party, the night before the wedding is a bad idea, who would want to suffer from a hangover on their biggest day.