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5 Ways to Spot Fake Prada Bag Logos and Styles

by Tracy Finke

Prada bags are one of those items that never go out of style and pass every time test as people of all ages agree on their specialness. The reason why Prada bags are so popular is many, starting from the high-quality materials to the reputation of the brand.

The counterfeiters have also noticed how much people love matching their Prada bags to various outfits, that is why a lot of fake models are available on the market. The worst part is, sometimes we do not even know what is fake and what is real, so getting caught in a trap is easy. When you have the option of buying a Prada bag, always go for the one you 100% know that is authentic, because you know the product you are getting, which lasts much longer than any counterfeit item.

Some people might think that saving a couple of bucks by buying a replica is a great idea, but they do not think about what happens in the future, but let us tell you, that fake bags last just months, when the authentic piece will look fresh as new for years.

To avoid getting into an unpleasant situation like purchasing a fake bag, we recommend you to use legit check services on LegitGrails: to get your bag authentication done all you need to do is reach out to them and choose the best option for you!

If you still want to do the authentication independently, then maybe you should search for the authentication guide for the specific model on their website and follow the instructions thoroughly.

Now let’s review some of the methods that can help you in authenticating Prada bags.

1. The Overall Look Method

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Knowing your product well is always a good idea as it will help you while looking at the websites hoping for finding a good deal. We advise you to compare the pictures to the official photos on the official Prada website to spot differences.

To make this easier for you, let’s imagine that we are authenticating a Prada Cleo bag, which is a super iconic and popular model. While trying to use the overall look method on Prada Cleo, we need to keep in mind that there are hundreds if not thousands of different copies of the model that look very different from the authentic bag.

You should look at the edges of the bag, as well as the beautiful top part, which counterfeiters replicate unsuccessfully, resulting in us telling the differences easily. You should also observe the leather, which might give away the replica immediately.

2. The Logo Method

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Prada logo is among the instantly recognizable logos that we know very well. If you spot that the letters of the logo on the bag are slightly smaller or bigger, a little thicker or thinner, bolder or paler, remember that this is a major red flag. Replicating an iconic logo is not easy, that is why observing every detail on it might give us information on our bag’s authenticity.

3. The Closure Method

Prada bags mostly have magnetic closures that are very practical in daily use. The mistake that counterfeiters mostly make is making the magnet much thicker and fuller giving the flap a little bump while the authentic one is thin and well attached to the leather.

Sometimes counterfeiters even place two parts of the magnets a little far from each other making it almost impossible to close the bag.

4. Dust Bag Method

When it comes to the authentic Prada dust-bags the brand uses cotton material giving it a soft feel whereas the counterfeit one is always rougher, with a kind of a worn-out look.

The main difference you might spot on the replica dust-bag is the font: if the letters are too pale and thin instead of bold and wide, then it is a warning sign.

4. Stitching Method

Source: luxity.co.za

Stitching on the Prada bags as well as on other luxurious brand items are tight, even, neat and solid making the bag durable and sturdy whereas counterfeit sewing is mostly the opposite. If the stitches look sloppy, asymmetrical, made with thin thread that can not hold two pieces together, then your bag is most definitely fake as Prada controls the quality of its products very strictly and will not let mistakes like this slip.

5. Interior Linen Method

Prada takes care of its linens as much as they take care of the exterior look. The authentic linens are soft, printed with tiny symbols whereas the counterfeit one might be much rougher. You can tell the difference from the way they feel in your hand and if the word you would use to describe the linen other than soft, then there is a sign right there!

Why Buying the Original?

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Buying the original Prada bag is much better than going for the counterfeit one for obvious reasons. If you are thinking you are saving up money by spending less on the bag itself you are wrong as the item will become unwearable in several months.

Buying the original Prada bag is an investment as it will gain its value over time and if you ever decide to resell the bag, you will not be disappointed. Brands lose sales because of the counterfeiters, that is why all of the fashion houses have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to such criminals.

Besides that factor, fake items always contain some questionable materials that can have huge harm on you and your beloved people too. So if you are thinking about whether it is worth or not buying the Prada bag from the official website let us tell you that the amazement you will have after getting the package will be unmatched, which we can not be sure of about the counterfeit model.

Hopefully, this article will help you in authenticating the Prada bag you have been dreaming of and in deciding what is the best for you.