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Shows Similar to Lucifer that You Need to Watch

by Dangula Bingula

What if the Devil was real? Better yet, what if he lived right among us? But listen to this, what if he owned a club in Los Angeles and solved the crime because he was bored? That is the premise of the titular TV show Lucifer that fans have been so much excited about.

The show itself is based on DC comic characters made by Neil Gaiman. The character of Lucifer Morningstar, as well as many others that we see on the show, first appeared in Vertigo comics’ Sandman. After gaining a lot of popularity, Lucifer Morningstar earned his own spinoff comic book and continued on living in Lucifer, a DC comic book.

Jerry Bruckheimer saw this as a perfect opportunity to make a supernatural police procedural comedy show which tells the tale of Lucifer and his quest on earth. The show got a lot of praise and its first three seasons went on swimmingly, but FOX decided to pull the plug on the show after season 3, leaving the fans with a cliffhanger that may never be continued.

Luckily, thanks to the efforts of the stars from the show like Tom Ellis and Kevin Alejandro, about whom you can read on Biographyz.com, but also thanks to the fans who made a petition to bring back the show, season 4 was released on Netflix with a lot of praise and further interest from the fans.

If you liked watching Lucifer and are interested in shows which garner superheroes, supernatural tropes, and witty characters, there are actually more of them that you can watch. Since we are now waiting for season 5 to be released, here are some shows similar to Lucifer that you can watch in the meantime.

Constantine (2014)


Constantine is yet another character taken off the pages of DC comic books. John Constantine is a supernatural detective, but his ability and knowledge are related to the occult. He is a self-proclaimed exorcist who is interested in the black arts and who gets pulled into the battle between Earth and daemons. His troubled past is what urges him to help and what makes him the only person who can protect the human race at this point.

Unfortunately for the fans of the show, Constantine lasted only one season after poor viewer ratings. But it is, by all means, a great show. Matt Ryan, who plays the protagonist John Constantine, was perfectly cast in this role. His swab and the way he portrays the character earned him comeback appearances on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, meaning that this character still lives on.

American Gods (2017- )


If you are a fan of Neil Gamin’s work, you will love American Gods. This is a show based on Gaiman’s bestselling book with the same name. The show carries the signature way of storytelling that attracts fans of Neil Gaiman’s work who brings together stories about the modern world and mythology and combines them in a fabulous way.

The show follows our main characters Shadow Moon, Ricky Whittle, and Mr. Wednesday, magnificently portrayed by Ian McShane, who embark on a mysterious quest together. They are pulled into a war between the old gods and the new gods of technology pitting us for the final battle and a myriad of interesting characters that go along the way.

Preacher (2016 – )


Preacher is yet another adaptation of a Vertigo comic book series which has been magnificently and truly brought to screen by developers Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. The story follows a preacher Jesse Custer, played by Dominic Cooper, and his two friends a vampire named Cassidy (portrayed by Joseph Gilgun) and his ex-girlfriend Tulip O’Harre (Ruth Negga) as they go on a quest to find God. Jesse is endowed with the power of Genesis, or the voice of God, that captivates every man to do his bidding.

After the boom of comic-based movies and after show-runners realized that they had a great opportunity, many new comic book based shows have come to life. Many people said that Garth Ennis’ Preacher cannot be brought to life and that there is no other medium except the comic book that it can exist on. But Seth Rogan proved everybody wrong by creating this fabulous dark comedy adventure with a lot of blood and gore to the booth.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (2016 – 2017)


Fans of Douglas Adams are probably aware who Dirk Gently is. But those who are not should probably check out Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. It is a show that follows a holistic detective Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett) and his sidekick Todd (Elijah Wood) who start a quest together. Todd is unwillingly brought into this story which includes supernatural beings, time travel, and assassins who are looking for them.

The show was made by Max Landis and ran for two seasons. The first season got great reviews but the quality of the show went down in season 2, which prompted the BBC America to cancel the show and the development of season 3. We truly believe that there was still a lot more to tell and that this abrupt end of a beloved TV series could have lasted more. Luckily, you have two seasons worth of binge-watching until we wait and hope for the petition to bring back the show to go through.

Supernatural (2005 – )


We can’t talk about supernatural investigative shows without Supernatural. The oldest and longest show on our list offers 14 seasons of television. It has been going strong, with ups and downs, since 2005. But you always knew what you were getting when it comes to Supernatural.

The show follows two brothers, Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) who have been raised from when they were children to battle all the supernatural forces of evil that roam this earth. The show’s quality may have gone up and down throughout the years but with the announcement of the 15th season, you see how compelling this series actually is. Prepare for a final showdown between the Winchester brothers and angles, daemons, and all kinds of other supernatural deities.