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Shipping 101 & Shipping Labels 101: Everything You Need To Know

by Tracy Finke

The best decision you can make today is to give yourself a job. How can you give yourself a job? Of course, by opening your own business, which is very easy today. An increasing number of people are opening their businesses, and most people are opening small shops for products that they deliver to the country in which they live or to the world level. When it comes to this type of sale, it is important to know that there are certain rules for sending products by mail.

When you do online sales, it is important first of all to have a product that will appeal to all those who would be interested and would be looking for something of that type, then you need to have attractive marketing, have excellent shipping, but also arrange shipping according to all standards.

Standards are especially important. What do you need to know about these shipping labels? You need this information very much, so follow the information with great attention. Let’s get started!

1. This sticker is mandatory for every shipment sent by the sender, especially in e-commerce

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It is important to know that if you are ordering a product, and especially if you are sending a product, this sticker must be on the package. This is especially important when it comes to e-commerce. It is an important rule that every product sender should follow. Why? Because the sticker itself contains information that is important for the security of the shipment, there is information that can help track the shipment, information that can serve to change the status, etc.

2. You can edit and print this shipping 101 shipping label yourself

If you have your own e-commerce business, then you need to know that these stickers are necessary to use, but also that getting them is simple, say the experts at munbyn.com who can help you with a printer for shipping labels.

They say that all you need is to have a printer like this, have self-adhesive paper for the printer, have an example of a shipping label like this, edit it, print it, and stick it on the package. The process is very easy and simple for you.

3. It serves as proof that the package does not belong to anyone, but is intended for one person

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If the package does not have a shipping label on it, then things can get complicated. If a sticker is attached to the package, which will have information about the sender, recipient, bar code, shipping number, and much other important information, then it can be known that the package belongs to a person and that person needs to be identified for to be able to be delivered from the post office. Hence the importance of this piece of sticky paper that looks like a decoration on the envelope or package to everyone, but is a valuable piece of evidence.

4. The shipping label 101 contains personal data

It is very important to differentiate between what is a shipping label as an important postal sticker and what is everything else. A package may have an indication of whether the shipment is fragile or perishable, then have a barcode for easy entry into the system, as well as a shipping sticker or this kind that contains the personal data of the sender and the recipient of the shipment.

This data is contained on it in order to be able to receive the package in preparation for sending, but also so that the local postal worker can then identify the recipient and deliver the package to him.

5. Additional information about the package can be found on it

Source: auspost.com.au

In addition to personal data, additional data can be found on this package label. Various codes, package tracking numbers, bar codes, QR codes can be found on it, and it all depends on how you created the sticker, that is, what you decided to have on it. When you make it, keep in mind that it needs to include all the necessary information so that the package can reach the right place and the right person.

6. The tracking number of the shipment is placed on the sticker itself

We all know that when something is ordered from specialized online sales sites, we then want to track the shipment so that we know when it arrives, but also where it is at the moment. All this is possible only with the help of the tracking code or the number that must be indicated on the label itself for sending the package. There must be a part of the sticker on which the code will be printed so that the package can be easily and simply searched through tracking systems and sites that are easily accessible.

7. Without this sticker, the package can easily be lost or taken by the wrong person

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All of us at least once in our lives have had the chance that what we ordered did not arrive, and then we had the trouble of starting a dispute that lasted for months. It also happened to some of us that the package was taken to the wrong address, picked up by the wrong person, or simply went to an unknown person whom we do not know.

That’s why it’s important to have a label, because with the help of this sticker, post office officials, but also people in general who work with sending packages, can recognize the owner of the package and hand it over to the right person.


This seemingly unnecessary detail on packages or envelopes, popularly called decoration, is still very important. After these important things that we have brought you today, we can see how important this shipping sticky note is, that all e-business owners must use it, that you can print it and prepare it yourself, but above all that it is necessary properly to be filled out so that the package can go to the right place. This is proof that if this piece of sticky paper is used correctly, every package will reach the right place.