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Selma Blair Net Worth 2021

by Elsa Stringer

The popular movie and TV star, Selma Blair, is not like most of the celebrities, because she prefers to stay more anonymous when it comes to her private life. Unfortunately, these days there is a lot of news about her, because of her newly discovered sickness, the Multiple Sclerosis.

Selma Blair


The actress Selma Blair Beitner was born in Southfield, Michigan, in 1972. When she was younger, she didn`t like her name, so she rather preferred to be called Blair instead of Selma. She has a degree in photography that she got at the University in Michigan.

Selma started her career in photography in New York, but after some time there, she began to visit some acting classes at Stella Adler Conservatory and Stonestreet Studios. Her husband is a son from the famous Frank Zappa, Ahmet. Two of them are married from 2004.

selma blair early life


Selma Blair is a child of a lawyer and a judge. An interesting fact about her is that she is afraid of water because of the movie Jaws. She was attending the Cranbrook Kingswood School, like some other popular actors, such as Jaime Ray Newman, who is an Oscar winner.

Blair has a rich career in movies and TV series. Some of the most popular movies where she had a role are Scream 2, Legally Blonde, Hellboy, Dark Horse, After, and many more. From TV series, the most popular ones that she took part in are Promised Land, Friends, Web Therapy, Another Life, and off course, The Big Bang Theory and Anger Management.


Also, she was at the audition for the role of Buffy in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the role went to Sarah Gellar that worked with her in the movie Cruel Intentions. One of her best roles is in the movie Cruel Intentions, which made her so popular. One of the most interesting facts about this movie is that it represents the first time that in some big movie you can see two girls kissing. Also, she was a 25-year-old woman who was playing a 14-year-old girl.

Selma Blair


When the harassment scandal with Harvey Weinstein popped out, she was also talking about all of the unpleasant situations that she experienced during her acting career. She said that she experienced the same harassment from the movie director, James Toback like many other women did from Weinstein. After her speech about the harassment from Toback, more than 200 women joined her with the same story.

From 2018, she has a tough period in her life, because she is diagnosed with the auto-immune sickness, the Multiple Sclerosis, which is a condition where your muscles, brain, and spinal cord are stoping to work properly.In the moment when she found out that she has this sickness, the doctors told her that she is dealing with the Multiple Sclerosis for more than 15 years.

Today she requires help for even walking outside the house, and we could see her at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with a stick that she uses as help when she walks.


When it comes to her net worth, she is quite successful, because she has a long and rich career in acting in many TV series and movies. She was paid 40,000 dollars per episode in the TV series Anger management. Her total net worth is around 14 million dollars.

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