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How to Make Sure You Sell Your House Quickly

by Tracy Finke

The home selling process is overwhelming and it gets more stressful if you need to do it within a short time frame. You may decide to sell your home quickly due to a financial issue, relocation, a new job opportunity or other personal reasons.

Whatever the reason for selling, when you are doing it with such a tight deadline in place, the process can be even more overwhelming than before. There are many things you can do that can increase your home’s marketability and attract potential buyers more quickly. Read on to understand the best tips and tricks on how to speed up the home-selling process.

1. Declutter and Deep Clean Your Home

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Nothing puts homebuyers off like an untidy house or, worse, unnecessary clutter. Even though it will not be there when you move out, the visual can often be enough to put off prospective buyers. You should eliminate all the unnecessary household items either by donating, recycling or disposing of them appropriately. Decluttering ensures that the space looks spacious and feels comfortable.

If you cannot do your home’s deep cleaning yourself, consider hiring a professional cleaning service that will thoroughly work spotlessly on every corner of your home. The most necessary and easily noticeable areas to focus on when cleaning include:

  • Windows and doors
  • Closets
  • Kitchen cabinets and appliances
  • Shelves
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Garage and basement
  • Toilets, bathroom countertops, tubs, sinks and showers

2. Depersonalize Your House

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Depersonalizing your home makes it a neutral territory and allows the potential buyers to visualize the house as theirs and not yours. You can remove family portraits, political and religious items, kids’ toys or any family artwork. In case of any damages like nail holes, be sure to repair them before any viewing.

More and more people are turning to home staging as a way to make their home more neutral while still looking like an attractive place to live. The idea is to create a blank canvas for prospective buyers that they can project their own ideas and visions on to.

3. Hire a Professional Photographer

A considerable percentage of home buyers use the internet to look up houses on sale. This means your house’s photos can make a pleasant or awful first impression. Most home sellers opt to use their phones to take their homes’ listing photos. It may be cheaper and faster, but poorly done photos may not catch buyers’ attention, making your home stay longer on the market.

A decent professional photographer will only charge you an affordable amount but produce high-quality photos. Ensure you stage your home to highlight its best features to attract more buyers. Besides, before the photo session, ensure you open windows and blinds to let in natural light and add new light bulbs to boost the lighting.

4. Choose a Selling Strategy

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It is crucial to settle for a perfect selling plan for your home before putting up a sale sign in your yard. Some people pick the for-sale-by-owner plan, which is the best for homeowners with marketing and negotiating skills. The FSBO strategy often may slow down the selling process, and you may not get the highest price for your home.

If you want to get a cash home buyer who can complete your sale within a week and at the highest possible market price, you should find an excellent home buying service with extensive funding capability, such as Spring.

5. Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior

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Curb appeal is very crucial as the exterior of your house is the first glance that home buyers have when they step into your compound. Ensure it looks well-maintained, clean and welcoming. Hire a skilled landscaper, trim overgrown bushes and trees, clean flower beds, collect dead leaves and remove cobwebs from the walkways and patio. Besides, you should leave the outdoor lights on in case prospective buyers drive by during the night.

Renovating your curb appeal is a very quick way of increasing the value of your home and can make a sizable difference to prospective buyers. While many would think of building extensions or fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, tending to the exterior of your property is just as important as the inside.

6. Set the Correct Price

Some home sellers set unrealistic high prices and later decide to cut them down when they do not get any enquiries. The sudden price lowering may convince buyers that your house has an issue, discouraging them from viewing. Carry out comprehensive market research and set your prices within the current price range. There are a number of ways to determine the most accurate market valuation for your home so doing some research here is vital.

Determining the most accurate value of your property can sometimes be expensive due to fees from conveyancers and other agents. There are, however, ways to establish the correct value of your property in a more timely manner with fees taken care of.

7. Carry Out Necessary Repairs and Updates

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Repair broken door locks or kitchen cabinets before putting your house on the market. A fresh coat of paint, up-to-date kitchen countertops and modern décor will go a long way in making your home stand out to potential buyers. It is very easy to get used to how things work and look when you are living in a property but everything from lightbulbs to stiff windows can be upgraded in order male your property more appealing.

8. Ensure Your Showings Are Flexible

Most buyers always view homes as per their schedule, which is mostly evenings and weekends. If your home showing schedule is flexible and accommodating, you will likely attract more prospective buyers than a seller who prefers prior booking and appointments.


The standard home selling process takes between 2 to 3 months, but it is possible to close the deal in a month or less if you implement the tips discussed above. You cannot force home buyers to buy your home, but you can attract and convince them that your home is perfect for them.