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Choosing the Safest Toys for Your Dog

by Nina Smith

Dogs often need toys to stay entertained, otherwise they may turn to destructive behavior. Many dogs, however, tear up toys quickly. Vets see a lot of dogs with toys and household items in their stomachs. When items get lodged in your dog’s intestines, you may pay thousands of dollars for surgery. Some toys also pose a choking hazard. Pay close attention to the type of toys you buy for your furry friend. 

How to choose the toys for Dogs

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Choosing the safe toys for dogs involves several considerations like size, sharpness, filling, and much more. There are varieties of different toys on the market. Choosing a perfect toy doesn’t have to be extra expensive. You can save money on a variety of toys with Chewy coupons and promo codes on this website. With that being said, If you care about your little buddy, give this article a read. We’ve explained everything you need to know about safe toys for your dog.

Pick the Right size

Consider the size of your dog when you shop for new toys. It’s crucial to pick the right size of toy as if it’s smaller in comparison to the dog he may swallow it while playing and if the size of the toy is larger than the dog, he would find it difficult to play with it. Large dogs need toys that do not fit entirely into their mouth. A large dog may choke on a toy that is too small. A ball, for example, should not fit entirely into your dog’s mouth. Balls can become lodged in the throat if they fit into your dog’s mouth.


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Dogs often love stuffed animals, however, you should not give them stuffed animals mean for humans. These may have small parts, such as eyes or clothing that could be stuck in the dog’s throat or in the intestines. The filling inside the dog toys can also become a hazard if your dog tears the toy open. Watch your dog carefully if you choose stuffed dog toys. Take stuffed toys away as soon as your dog tears them open. Look for toys made of durable fabric so your dog cannot get to the filling easily. While most dog toys have polyester fiberfill, just like human toys, you can find other options. Some toys have a biodegradable or recycled filling.

Habits and Activity Level

Every dog has a different personality and activity level. Some small dogs tear up toys even faster than big dogs. You may also have a gentle giant that remains careful with toys. Most stores have a variety of toys geared towards different types of chewers. Many online stores also advertise toys for “power chewers”. Read the packaging carefully before purchasing toys.

Choose the Safe Materials

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Your pet may have sensitivities to specific dyes or materials. Pay attention to their reaction when you try a new toy. Don’t use cheap toys which don’t come with the proper information as it can cause serious harm to your dog. There are many reliable companies that are producing excellent pet toys for years. Also, you can look for natural toys to avoid dyes and other toxic materials. Many dog owners also have trouble with rope toys. These toys consist of many individual strands that can come apart. Your dog can ingest them and get an obstruction in their stomach or intestines. Finally, toys with squeakers can cause a choking hazard. Most dogs enjoy the sound of squeaky toys. As with all other toys, supervise your dog with squeakers. Take the toy away when the stuffing and squeaker get exposed.

Get them Smart Toys

Do you know dogs have a high intellectual level. They are one of the most intelligent and emotional animals. According to psychologist research on dogs, it’s found that dog is nearly intelligent as the human’s baby. They can understand the human clue, can share feelings like love, jealousy, and sadness. You can further train and boost their intelligence by getting them smart toys like broken up treats, puzzles that would keep them entertained for hours, and with the entertainment, they would be learning to solve things. In addition to that, you can also get hidden things toys in which your dog can use the skills to find the dog treats hidden.

Retrieving Toys

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Besides the stuffed and chewable toy, dogs are madly in love with the fetchable toys. They enjoy it more than the other toys as it involves human interaction. You can use a ball or a disk but again make sure is dog friendly. There are fetch toys that are produced from rubber, plastic material and specially designed for the dogs.

 When to Throw Toys Away

While it can get expensive, you can save money on vet bills by disposing of worn-out toys. If the toy has holes and stuffing leaking out, toss it in the trash immediately. Many dogs can also destroy tennis balls and rubber toys, leaving a trail of small pieces around the house. Pick up all the small pieces quickly to keep your dog from swallowing them.

How to make Dog Toys last more

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There is no surprise if your dog toys don’t last more. Dogs are the most playful animals and that’s why their toys get easily worn-out after a few days or weeks. But there is a way to make them last more. You can do that by rotating the toys weekly and make sure to provide a few of the total toys to your dog at a time. This will not only prolong the life of toys but also keep your dog entertained for a longer time.

Bottom Line

Dogs need toys to keep them busy throughout the day. Many dogs enjoy a variety of toys and play consistently. Puppies, especially, need toys to help get their energy out. Take the time to read toy packages and check customer reviews when shopping for toys. With a little research and careful shopping, you can keep your dog happy and safe.