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8 Fashion Rules To Follow When Wearing A Leather Bag

by Gaga Arizanov

It’s no secret that bags are the favorite accessory of women all over the world. In addition to practicality and holding important things such as keys, phones, wallet, and favorite lipstick in one place, bags also serve as a fashion accessory. How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you missed ┬ásomething, that little thing to complete your combination?

Purse! That’s right, it can raise and write a completely new story, give new charm and shine to the whole combination. In a woman’s wardrobe, we will often find several different bags, of different colors, shapes, and dimensions, made of different materials. But one thing is certain, no matter how many you have, you will always need one leather, timeless, classic model that you can wear on all occasions and always look well-dressed.

Women’s bags differ in material, cut, size, and additional characteristics related to the number of pockets, whether they have a zipper or some additional decorations. For everyday wear, we advise you to choose classic, larger models with longer handles that you can simply throw over one or both shoulders.

A leather bag can bring your outfit to perfection, but it can also ruin the overall look and the way you combine and wear it is very important. Below, read some of the basic fashion tips when it comes to wearing a leather bag.

Choosing a bag according to shoes

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In the past, the main fashion rule was that the shoes, bag, and belt had to be the same color, just like nail polish and lipstick had to match. However, this rule has been forgotten, and today there are much more interesting ways of combining the village with this accessory.

For example, you can complement the overall neutral outfit with a belt with an interesting texture or in a bright color such as pink. Of course, this does not mean that you completely avoid the good old rule of pairing shoes and accessories, because this old fashion rule is still valid in cases of appearing at formal parties such as weddings, that is, at events where you need to look elegant, stylish, and timeless.

Classic model

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No matter how much you follow fashion, keep in mind that the classic black bag is something that you will make the most of and that will never go out of style. A model that will complement any fashion style, whether you prefer an elegant, sporty, or casual look, is certainly the black story bag, which some of the biggest fashion icons, such as Naomi Campbell and Selena Gomez, did not remain indifferent to.


Leather is a very durable material, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require maintenance from time to time. When you buy a bag, think carefully about its size and what it is, in addition to the basic things you like to carry with you so that you don’t overcrowd it and damage it that way. In addition, leather needs regular hydration to keep it shiny and taut, so it is very important to apply leather cream twice a year.

Big bag and flat shoes (and vice versa)

As one of the favorite fashion accessories, special attention is paid to the selection of the bag. Buying a quality leather bag is always profitable because you will be able to wear it for several seasons. In addition, you will feel good while wearing it. If your bag is large, the shoes must be less noticeable. This is a style rule that should be adhered to in make-up as well. Therefore, we must not exaggerate. Let the details speak for themselves. Combine a large bag with flat, less noticeable shoes. And don’t worry, you’ll look glamorous.

Match the metal parts on the bag with your outfit

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If the buckles on the bag are gold, make sure that they are the same on the jacket or shoes, if any. Of course, it is also recommended that your jewelry is like that.

A bag according to character

Fashion connoisseurs claim that by looking at a bag, they can recognize the kind of person they are with just one look at this popular accessory.

Expressive bags

The animal pattern and vibrant colors attract attention. If you like bags like this, then you know that your look will be noticed. So, get ready for the views. If you choose a bag in a bright color, keep your clothes in contrasting colors or neutrals to emphasize the pattern on the bag. Avoid combining colors of the same spectrum.

Quality is important

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According to EricJavits, designer leather bags are something that will definitely improve an overall look. When looking for the perfect bag, the key is to look for quality. Buy the best quality you can. This is a piece that you will wear often and should be of incredible quality. Unlike a dress that is difficult to wear again, a bag is something that can be worn and thus easily repurposed based on your wardrobe.

Always opt for gray or black when investing in bags. It’s a classic and versatile color that can be paired with almost anything. From jeans and t-shirts to a little black dress, a neutral bag can complement so many different styles, pieces, and personalities.

A woman’s bag is a fascinating part of the wardrobe that has the purpose of complementing the look, so if it is carefully chosen, it can highlight the best of you, emphasize your silhouette or cover up flaws.

Leather is a great fabric because it ages so well. It’s one of the few things in life that looks better with age. That’s why it’s an incredible choice for your purse. You can have this piece for years and it will only get better and better, need we say more? Don’t forget to be yourself. And, of course, remember to keep your bag clean, keep it free of dust and never leave it on the floor. Invest in a quality bag rather than buying something like a new dress every month. Why? Because once you have the perfect bag, you can wear almost anything and always look dressed up!