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‘Robin Hood’- The Largest Blockbuster Bomb at the End of the Year

by Elsa Stringer

Robin Hood had the budget above $90 million but at the box office endures the big debacle with the bad opening last week. Lionsgate`s Robin Hood gathered the only $14 million for five days in cinemas. This movie has had the worst start this year on Thanksgiving weekend.

This year`s most predictable box office bomb, Robin Hood earned just $14 million from Wednesday to Sunday because the movie does not show overseas and the film budget is covered via foreign presales.


This all resembles with the attempt at the box offices with some other movies: King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword ($149 million worldwide on with a $175m budget), and Pan ($128 million with the budget of $150 million). The movie Legend of Tarzan earned ($356 million with the budget of $180 million), and Man of Steel ($668 million with the budget of $225 million) at the box office. The film Solo: A Star Wars Story earned $393 million with a budget of $275m.


For example, Star Trek earned $385 million at the box office with a budget of $150 million) and was the top franchise, but this is an example of well prepared and think out a franchise. The sequel Superman Returns earned $394 million with the budget of $200 million was not received well by the audience and the movie is far from the new continuation. We were witnesses this March when Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider reboot earned $274 million at the box office with the budget of just $94 million. The only blockbuster movie this year was Sherlock Holmes, with main movie stars, Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams.


Sherlock Holmes gave us a new perspective of an old story and legends but the critics said that the adaption is very conventional. Sherlock Holmes, Guy Ritchie’s adaption gave us a close up of Holmes and Watson’s relationship and put us in a melodramatic action adventure.


Robin Hood was just another traditional adaptation, even with the twist of John Wick-like action, and Jamie Fox. We did not see anything much new and interesting in this movie. The film had the strong announcement “not your father’s Robin Hood,” but that already was covered in the two films about of the Robin Hood: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves earned $360 million total with $50 million budget in 1991 and Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood which earned $300 million with the budget of $200 million in 2010.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is the blockbuster that had a big movie star starring Kevin Costner in the main. It is very hard to beat the box office and gain success in the time when Hollywood releasing a new blockbuster spectacle every month of the year. The Robin Hood, unfortunately, had not had a real movie star, great reviews, interesting marketing or something like that. The film was doomed to failure because the wholesale was on IP, and that is not enough.