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Riff Raff Net Worth 2024 – Early Life, Career and Earnings

by Elsa Stringer

Riff Raff is a famous American rapper. Although he has been engaged in music since 2005, his first album called Neon Icon was released in 2014. So far, his career has been marked by numerous collaborations with some of the greatest rap artists such as Mad Decent and DJ Khaled. During his school days, Riff Raff was a student at Langham Creek High School.

However, he did not graduate because he left school and later passed the General Equivalency Diploma. He attended the Hibbing Community College, but as with studying at Langham Creek High School, Riff Raff did not graduate. During his career, he managed to earn a few million dollars thanks to his musical talent.

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But what exactly is his net worth? You will find this in the following text that we have prepared for you. Also, you will be able to find some more information about his private life and his career. Well, let’s start.

Early Life

The real name of this popular artist is Horst Christian Simco. Riff Raff was born on January 29, 1982, in Houston, Texas. His parents are Ronald Simco, a former Vietnam War veteran, while his mother Anita Isaacs, who was a housemaid. Riff Raff is not the only child in the family but has two sisters and brother.

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When he was a teenager, Simco was very interested in basketball. He even played basketball for the team at the Hibbing Community College. However, after leaving school, he turned to a music career. He showed his love for music and basketball through some tattoos, which he has a lot of. Also, he had a problem with the law when he was detained for several hours due to drug possession, in 2013.


He started his rap career in a very interesting way. Riff Raff recorded CDs with his music and sold them in schools and markets across Houston. He also promoted himself on social networks such as MySpace and YouTube.

Of course, he had a lot of trouble at the beginning, but he managed to stand out and become successful in his business. In order to improve his popularity and progress in music, Riff Raff had several auditions, which later helped him to become part of the MTV reality show called From G’s to Gents, but not for a long because he was there for only one episode after which he was expelled.

After that, there was unsuccessful cooperation with S.O.D. Money Gang that ended in just one year. Nevertheless, he later published the song Bird on a wire in collaboration with Harry and Bronson, in 2012. That same year, he released Dolce and Gabbana and Mr. Popular songs, but they were not accepted by the audience.

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Next, in 2013, he released the “How to Be the Man” song in November, which is his first single. Also, in June of 2014, he presented his first album, Neon Icon. The Peach Panther album appeared in 2016.

Also, in collaboration with famous rap artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Quavo and Travis, Riff Raff presented two projects called Aquaberry Aquarius and Balloween.

Awards & Achievements

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Although he did not receive any awards in his career, this does not mean that Riff Raff is not successful. He had some problems at the beginning of his career, but he managed to present two of his albums to the audience in just two years, Neon Icon in 2014 and Peach Panther in 2016.

In addition, his career has so far marked with the collaboration with popular rap artists, Wiz Khalifa, Quavo and Travis, he collaborated with on Aquaberry and Balloween projects. We can say that his success is the greatest achievement until now.

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Net Worth of Riff Raff

Horst Christian Simco better known as Riff Raff is a rap artist who achieved all his successes thanks to hard work. So, what is his net worth so far?

This popular rapper Riff Raff managed to make $4 million in his career. The main source of his wealth is his music and albums that have brought him popularity. We hope that he will manage to increase his income and become even more successful.

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