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How To Rekey A Lock And Pick Door Knob Lock

by Tracy Finke

Even though it sounds silly, some people lock themselves out of their homes. This is something that can happen to anyone and now you are in a situation in which you cannot enter your home. What can you do?

The most important thing is to not panic. Calm down and think whether you have placed the spare key somewhere around your home for situations such as these. Also, some people give spare keys to their family members or neighbors in case of emergencies.

As long as they are the people of trust, this strategy works. But, not everyone feels that comfortable of leaving spare keys to other people. And that’s fine. In this situation, it means that you will pick a lock. If you’ve never done it, stay with us and learn how to pick a door knob lock if you are locked out of your house.

The legality of lock-picking

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The first thing to know is that there is nothing illegal about trying to enter your own home. There are some misconceptions about the lock picking tools and how the locksmiths are the only ones who can own them. But, if you have these tools, there’s nothing from stopping you to enter your home.

As long as you don’t use it to break into other people’s houses, you’re fine. If you aren’t sure though, you can just call the locksmith to get the job done.

Lock Picking Tools

In order to even have a chance to pick your lock, you will have to use specific tools. Often in movies, you can see people opening doors with credit cards or hairpins. It isn’t entirely impossible, but it is way too difficult to do and you need to be a master at it to succeed. So don’t even try.

Some of the most common lock picking tools includes:

  • Hood Pick
  • Ball Pick
  • Diamond Pick
  • Rake Pick

How do you unlock your door with these tools?

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You need to insert the tension wrench on the keyhole. Choose any of the above mentioned picks and place it above the wrench. You will need to fill out the pins and push them to unlock each of them. After you got all of them, you only need to turn the tension wrench to the side and you have a door open.

If you are interested in learning how to open a door with a card, check out this video:

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6S9x_mzw6Q&ab_channel=DylanKowalski

And if you all you have is hair clips, this video might help:


What does it mean to rekey a lock?

Source: 24-hourlockandkey.com

Locks make your home or office or another place secure, in your absence the importance of locks increases. Think what will happen when you have locked your room and forgot the key, or did someone from your family go somewhere with the key? What will you do at that moment?

Most probably, people used to break the key, they think breaking the key is the only option. Most of us think that breaking the lock is the only option, but, you have another very efficient option. That option is to rekey the lock, yes, rekey locks are a very secure and cost-saving option. If you consult with a locksmith, they will not talk about this, because they want to make the extra bill.

Therefore you need to think about this, and on the place of changing the lock, just rekey the lock. A misconception that has been created about rekey the lock is that rekey locks would not be a secure option. But, in reality, it is very different, apart from saving your money, the rekeyed lock is a secure option too. Here, the locksmith will not only change the key, they used to change the pins of the lock as well. In case, if someone has found your key, and wanted to open your lock, they can’t be able to do that. Because the pin of the lock is changed therefore the key is not similar to the previous one.

According to locksmithphilly.com, the best way to unlock your doors is to call a reliable locksmith. You will save a lot of time in your attempt to pick a lock, while they have all the necessary tools and knowledge to do so in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind that there are different types of locks and not every one of them opens the same way. Instead of trying to figure out how to do it, just call the experts. Furthermore, even though you are lock picking your own home, you will look suspicious to the passers-by and someone might even end up calling a police on you because they are unaware that it is your house.

If want to do it by yourself, then this is not a good option. Just for saving some money you can’t take a risk, and compromise with security is always be a foolish thing, plus you don’t have those tools which will do the job. And buying those tools for rekey locks is very expensive, so consult with the locksmith without thinking much. They will rekey the lock very simply and at a low price.

The locksmith will change the pin by removing the old one and give you the new key on the lock. But, always ask them to change the pin by removing the old one, some locksmiths just make the new key by moulding the shape of the old one, it could risk your security. So, always ask the Locksmith Philly to change the pin and lock completely. But, In some cases when the lock is not very expensive or became very old, rusted, and weak then changing the lock would be the best option. In that condition, rekey the locks would not be a great choice.