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Refurbished Products – A New Way Of Selling Your Products

by Tracy Finke

Never failing to astound us, Amazon yet again has launched its newest platform called ‘Amazon Renewed.’ Where you can sell refurbished products backed by Amazon’s Guarantee, and earn adequate returns.

Consequently, you must be having a hoard of questions in your mind such as what products does Amazon consider refurbished? How exactly does Amazon Renewed work? What categories of products are eligible? And so on…

But worry not, because your questions are what will be the motive of this TheNewsandViews exclusive guide to selling refurbished products on Amazon with Amazon Renewed. And trust me when I say that you ‘will’ enjoy reading it.

Let’s start the journey right away.

What Criteria Is a Refurbished Product?

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Selling and all comes later, first comes the criteria Amazon has for a product to be considered as refurbished.

‘Like-New’— a one-word definition of the word refurbished. Your product, to become eligible for Amazon Renewed, should not only look but work like its new version.

Amazon itself clarifies that you need to run a diagnostic test on your product to identify any weak or defective areas, have them repaired or replaced along with the rigorous inspection and cleaning, and repackage them where needed.

Amazon itself might test your product for its authenticity, and if the product turns out absolutely new, i.e., not refurbished, it won’t be eligible to feature on Amazon Renewed as anything.

To unfold it even deeper, here are three types of refurbished products you can sell on Amazon:

Pre-Owned Products

As the name chants, pre-owned products are either the products sold by the user, or returned against the claim of their warranties. Thereby, they must have their fresh parts available and brought back to their faded condition to be sold again in the market. That’s one type you can enlist on Amazon’s very own refurbished-items selling platform.


Though there are many types of refurbished itself, the best are manufacturer and factory refurbs. But no! It is not mandatory for you to sell the best types, as long as the product looks and works like new, you have the greenlight to proceed further.


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It is quite straightforward. Products that have not been used but had them opened for whatever reason are open-box products. And if you could source them, they may slide reasonable profit into your bank account.

What is Amazon Renewed?

You might yet have got a bit of an idea about the platform itself. Amazon Renewed is another money-making business module by Amazon. While it benefits Amazon, it will benefit you, provided that you supply and sell high-quality A-grade refurbished products.

Or so, you won’t be qualified, let alone selling.

It is because Amazon backs your products with its guarantee, and if they have to fulfill the claims of customers more often, they will surely reevaluate the performance of your product—only if your product is cosmeticized, and manages to slip through their noses.

Amazon Renewed only serves the sellers whose products keep their customers happy, and there is nothing new about it, all of Amazon programs serve the same sellers.

Also, where applicable, you being the seller, might have to repackage the product after fulfilling the warranty claim.

So, if you could shoot your shots to make it up to the bar that Amazon has set, you may predict positively of your future with Amazon.

What Categories Should the Product Belong to Be Eligible for Amazon Renewed?

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If you have made your mind to give selling on Amazon Renewed a quick start, here are the categories you can leverage to your advantage.

  1. Home Appliances.
  2. Automotive Parts.
  3. Kitchen & Appliances.
  4. Laptops & Computers.
  5. Headphones & Audio.
  6. Cameras.
  7. Smartphones.
  8. Television sets.
  9. Watches.
  10. Tablets.
  11. Video Game Consoles.
  12. Office Equipment.
  13. Musical Instruments.
  14. Home & Industrial Tools.
  15. Outdoor & Sports.

How Can You Sell Refurbished Products On Amazon?

The usual process would do, if you are really into selling on Amazon Renewed. Things like product hunting, sourcing, and pricing are constant, while the registration process surely differs. However, we’ll see a bit about the constants as well. So, if you want to stand out against your competitors, aside from learning the registration process, you might also want to check amazonseoconsultant.com.

Anyways, here is how you can sell refurbished products on Amazon with Amazon Renewed.

1. Register on Amazon Renewed

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Like any other Amazon program, you’ll first have to get registered with Amazon as its official and examined refurbished seller.

To do that, you could hop onto their website and follow the instructions accordingly, or if you are a newbie, you’ll first have to join in with their seller account.

2. Show Your Authority

Were you considering Amazon renewed a small-scale side-walk project? If you are, it’s good you are reading this. Because Amazon demands you to show the invoice of a colossal amount of $50,000, showing you have procured the refurbished goods worth this amount within 90 prior days from the date of application.

That doesn’t stop here, if you are planning on listing Apple’s refurbished electronics, you’ll have to submit an invoice of $2.5 million, proving your procurement of Apple’s refurbished electronics within 90 prior days from the date of application.

Or if you are already selling, you must have an ODR of 0.8% or less.

Remember the best refurbs? Factory and manufacturer, if you want to sell them on the platform, provided that they are not backed by manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll have to show Amazon how you would be packing the product from outside and inside, along with the padding.

You’ll have to show that in the form of images, that you can send minimum 8 and maximum as many as you deem fit. And if there is ever a warranty claim, Amazon will ship the product to you to take care of it, and you’ll have to do that to keep selling on the world’s largest marketplace.

In short, if you fail to provide any of the proof marked crucial by Amazon, or fulfill any of the requirements, you would unfortunately be ineligible to sell refurbished products on Amazon with Amazon Renewed.

3. Go Live With Your Products

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Let’s suppose you have passed Amazon Renewed’s intricate criteria, which you definitely will. You now have to face the toughest or might it be the easiest step ahead of you.

That is the product. If you have hunted, sourced, and priced it all right, expect good things from your endeavors; otherwise, things will be quite opposite of your expectations.

You could go to liquidation companies, Alibaba, and manufacturers themselves to acquire the best quality and quantity of products, and keep acquiring, for your products will surely become the talk of the town if they manage to impress people.


Amazon Renewed, being a marketplace for refurbished products, can be worth the shot if you can fulfill their prerequisites, and sell and supply high-quality A-grade products. And while you can choose from open-box, refurbished, and pre-owned products, you might be the next top-seller on Amazon, if you have played your pawns correctly.