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Reasons Why You end Up Hiring the Wrong Person for the Job and How to Fix It 

by Ingeborg

It’s possible that even if you have a wide list of potential job candidates, you will pick the wrong person to hire. Given this possibility, you end up firing that person since you think you can find someone better. You will go through the same process again and it could take a long time. As such, you need to understand the reasons why you keep hiring the wrong person and what you can do to improve your selection process in the future.

You don’t have clear criteria

You need to create a set of criteria first before you begin searching for the candidate for a job. It’s difficult to find someone to fit the post if you don’t even know what you’re looking for. Apart from having the basic qualifications for the job, you also need to consider the values of your company. The person you hire needs to be a perfect fit for what your company stands for.

You rush the process


It’s understandable that you want to fill the post right away. You can’t keep it open for too long as it could adversely impact the operations. It doesn’t mean that you should settle for whoever you find because you’re in a hurry. Take your time to screen the choices and make sure you don’t sacrifice your standards. You will eventually find the right person or someone that you can at least train to do the job well.

You have a weak HR team

You need a human resource team to deal with these applications. If you have a bunch of unqualified people running the department, you can’t expect quality hires. They will most likely settle for someone who is good enough even if there are better choices out there. You can improve your team and send them to intense training. With a strong HR team, you can expect quality hires.


If you want a shorter route, you can opt for recruitment firms. The HR department already has a lot on its plate apart from hiring. You can ask them to focus on other tasks and outsource recruitment to specialist services. These firms know what they’re doing since they already partnered with various companies over the years. They also have a clear process for determining who to hire for the job. You won’t regret this decision especially if you’re in a rush to find the perfect fit. You can also consider https://mascmedical.com if you’re in the medical industry. This firm has experts who will hire physicians and other medical workers to join your team.

Now that you understand why you don’t have the best people working with you, it’s time to shake things up. You also have an idea about the mistakes you committed in the past. You can avoid doing them so you can focus on having the best person join your company next time. Hiring a mismatch could also cost your business, so you need to avoid it.