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5 Main Reasons For The Small Number Of Women In The Cryptocurrency Industry

by Tracy Finke

It doesn’t matter if you are into tech or whether you follow the latest changes in the crypto market or not, as cryptocurrencies are something you simply need to hear or read about. There is so much understandable hype over it, but the more we get into specifics, the more information about the lack of women in this field we find.

Now, this is nothing new, and this trend of the tech and finance world being reserved for males is something that we all know but very few talk about, which only get even more emphasized with the invention of cryptos. Namely, the percentage of women actively participating in the crypto trades and involved in the cryptocurrency industry is extremely low, and due to many reasons, so let’s check some of the most important ones.

Fewer women in tech in the finance area

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Although it may look unfair to say that, if we think better, we will notice that there are not a lot of successful women in the tech and finance industry, and the reasons for that can be various. All cryptocurrencies are based on pure computer science, cryptography, mining, and mathematics, and it is interesting how not many women are interested in those nerd things.

Of course, that does not mean that women are not capable of understanding the principles of tech, finance, and blockchain on the contrary, but the problem is the fact that these industries are not doing anything to promote women and attract more of them.

It is more likely that a company will hire a male tech professional than a female, and even if they choose a woman, her career will not progress at the same speed as it would if she was a male. Yes, even with all the talk regarding various movements for equal pay and opportunities, these are still some of the things we need to change, and it’s not just about the tech world.

Cryptos were connected to criminals

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We all know that cryptocurrencies are decentralized, and their transactions are fast and secure, which is the main reason why people are using them more and more every day. No matter how popular and great they are, there are still skeptical people who are convinced that they were invented for criminals and illegal actions, and in the past, there were even more of them.

We cannot say that women are more moral than men, but the fact is that they avoided cryptos in the beginning because they did not want to be linked to criminals or anything illegal. Knowledge is everything as only by having enough information about something can we make a good assessment and form an opinion regarding a certain subject.

Now, the fact that cryptocurrencies are still something not that many folks are familiar with does not help as there are way too many false and half-true statements, which only confuses already not well-informed people. That is perhaps the largest stumbling block regarding cryptos and the latest tech advancements.

Bad advertisement

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Well, this is one way to put it, but everything about digital assets, especially blockchain technology and cryptos, were looked upon as a nerds world from the very beginning. The main reason for that is the cryptography and highly difficult mathematical formulas responsible for making the blockchain.

Now, this doesn’t need to be a bad thing, far from it, but it’s a common belief that if someone is into this, the chances are high that someone will call them a nerd. It is an expression that’s way overused today, even when there is no reason for that, and knowing this and knowing how there are much fewer women in the finance and tech world, and voila, we get to the point of the overall percentage of women involved in cryptos (both as investors and tech experts) of around 7%.

The whole system was already a badly organized and advertised one, and the tech industry is renowned for gender discrimination, which only enhanced things regarding digital assets overall and the number of women involved in the tech.

Sexism is unfortunately always present

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There is no proof that women are less smart or less capable than men in any field, and we are all fighting for gender equality, but there were always, and always will be people, who think just the opposite. One of the biggest problems is even if the female shows that she is capable of succeeding in the crypto world and making a successful career, there are people who will still think that she did it because of her look, relationship with the boss, or anything else, but her abilities.

It is still one of the biggest problems these days, and it was even worse in the past, which resulted in fewer female experts in the crypto world. Of course, this is true for so many other fields besides the tech one, but it’s here where it’s perhaps the most emphasized.

What does the future bring?

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With the fight for gender equality, we get many changes in many industries, and one of them is the crypto market. More and more females are interested in crypto transactions and trades, and it is not a surprise to find some of them who become experts and even made their own cryptocurrency.

The women are willing to fight for their rights, and since they are highly supportive of each other, it is expected that the crypto market will no longer be a boys club in the near future. The number of women involved in this matter is increasing daily, and it is almost impossible that it will not become almost the same as the number of males in the same field. With time and a continuous fight for equal rights, this change and a much brighter future will come even sooner, but we need to keep involved and set an environment where female tech workers are well appreciated.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this, you get why there are so much more males involved in this industry, but luckily things are changing for the better. Investing in cryptos and especially BTC is one of the most lucrative opportunities open for everyone, and all that’s needed to actively participate in the crypto market is to find the best software or app, like bitcoinprofitpro.com/de.