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What Is the Purpose of a Dog Muzzle?

by Tracy Finke

When dogs wear a muzzle, it doesn’t mean that they are aggressive. Although the idea of putting a muzzle on your canine companion is off-putting, the muzzle is a useful and valuable tool if used correctly in the right situations.

There are several reasons for using a dog muzzle. Below you’ll learn why some owners choose to put muzzles on their pups and which type of muzzle is best.

1. Muzzle conditioning

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If your furry friend has a habit of biting other people, many licensed vets recommend muzzle conditioning your pup. You’ll need to train your puppy to accept the muzzle so they become familiar with it.

Muzzle training isn’t as hard as you think but it will require patience. Check this site to learn how to muzzle train your pup so they become comfortable wearing it. Wearing the muzzle is a preventative measure that will keep both your canines and others around them safe.

According to a recent study done by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the average cost of dog bite claims in the United States is $43,653 with New York, New Hampshire, and Florida having the highest average cost per dog bite claim in the U.S.

Thus, prevention is key here. Wearing a muzzle is a preventative measure to not only keep your canine companion and others safe but also avoid expensive legal situations. Sometimes this could put your furry friend at risk of being taken away.

2. A common tool used by vets, trainers, and groomers

If your four-legged pup is not used to strangers handling them or shows signs of fear near vets or groomers, the dog muzzle is a useful and beneficial tool in this situation.

It’s normal for some pups to feel nervous or anxious during a grooming session. If this is the case, it’s best for them to wear a muzzle. This way the groomer can concentrate on trimming your furry friends’ nails or bathing them without having to constantly dodge snappings or bitings.

It is natural for your four-legged friends to react by biting or snapping suddenly if they feel nervous or anxious so wearing the muzzle ensures everyone, including your canine companion is safe.

Keep in mind that even the friendliest pup may react by snapping or snarling at someone if they feel scared or in danger.

3. Emergency events

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If your furry friend gets into an accident and is bleeding, she may have a tendency to lick her wound. Sometimes when they’re injured or hurt, they may not feel comfortable with others touching them including their owners.

The pet owner needs to be careful when wrapping up the wounds. If not, a pup that is in severe pain is more likely to react by snapping or biting.

4. Breed-specific legislation

Believe it or not, some states or provinces have Breed Specific Legislation or BSL in which certain “dangerous breeds” are required to wear a muzzle if they are in public spaces such as a canine park.

If they are on private property, there is of course no need to wear a muzzle.

When not to use a dog muzzle

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Dog muzzle should not be used as a form of punishment. If you’re trying to teach your four-legged friends a lesson, never muzzle them because they may associate the muzzle with punishment. This also does not fix the source of the problem.

When a dog muzzle is used for punishment, it has severe consequences. In the event of an emergency, it will be a battle for you to put the muzzle on your pup since the negative association is there. If your furry friend is injured, not only will they be in pain, but they will also feel nervous and scared of the muzzle.

You should not use a dog muzzle to force your pup’s mouth closed.

Do not use the muzzle to put your puppy in a stressful situation. If you do, your puppy may associate the muzzle with a stressful situation and it’s not the association you want them to have. It also makes putting on the muzzle more difficult the next time around.

Different types of muzzles

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Luckily, there are various types of dog muzzles available. Make sure to choose one that is appropriate and safe for your four-legged puppy, is comfortable to wear, and the right fit.

  • Basket muzzle: this type of muzzle is the most comfortable. It allows your canine to breathe easily, pant freely, and even eat small treats. As the name suggests, this type of muzzle is like a basket with slits along the side to allow air to flow through.
  • Soft muzzle: wraps around your pup’s mouth and holds it close. It is made from fabric such as mesh or nylon so it’s less comfortable than a basket muzzle and prevents them from panting. You can’t feed treats with this type of muzzle so it’s not a good muzzle for training.
  • Homemade muzzle: If you didn’t prepare a canine emergency kit with a muzzle, you’ll have to improvise and make one from items near you or at home in case of an emergency. You could use your canine’s leash, a pair of pantyhose, or a roll of gauze. This type of muzzle should only be used temporarily for the time being.

If you can, choose to go with a basket muzzle over a soft muzzle. If you have active puppies that love to play in the sun, have them wear a basket muzzle instead of a soft muzzle so they can breathe and pant freely.

It’s important for dogs to be able to pant freely. It’s their way of sweating and keeping themselves cool.


As you can see, when dogs wear a muzzle, it doesn’t mean that they are aggressive. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It only shows that the pet owners are being responsible and helping to keep their furry friends and others safe. In the end, there are many reasons for wearing a canine muzzle. It can serve as a training tool and helps keep everyone safe. Remember, there is no reason to be afraid of dogs wearing one. For additional information about dog muzzles, go checkout Breed Expert.