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10 Tips to Help You Get Motivated When You Aren’t Feeling It

by Nina Smith

With the crazy year we have had, the scary news and sometimes depressing blogs on the web can dampen our moods. Making us unmotivated to get anything done. Sometimes we feel too lethargic to do something.

It does not mean that we have lost energy, instead we are lacking motivation. It is the time to bring a positive change to your life. You are not alone in this, but there are simple ways you can get your motivation back.

1. Ask the Big Question, Why?

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To find ways to get yourself motivated, you need to ask yourself this fundamental question. Why? You are probably on a path in your life you don’t enjoy anymore or does not get you excited to jump out of your bed. These are indicators that you need to reassess the current path you are on.

Lack of motivation from time to time is very typical, but if it has been reoccurring from time to time, you need to make some changes. Our likes and interests change as we mature and grow; thus, our paths also need to change accordingly to get our groove back.

2. Set Goals

Not everything can be changed in our life, no matter how boring or unmotivating it might be to get done. And for this reason, setting goals becomes key.

Things like going to school, completing that report at work, or handling family; to get these done, you need to make smart goals. You can handle the tasks in chunks and complete the project before you know it, so when we say make SMART goals, this is what we mean.

  • Specify the goal and identify the actions that need to be taken.
  • Measurable goals are attainable goals.
  • Achievable goals keep us motivated and keep going.
  • Relevant is vital when setting goals; this is both to you and what you can achieve.
  • Time is essential so set a realistic time frame for getting it all done.

3. Ensure You are Staying Active

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Being active goes a long way in your physical and mental health. After a workout, we release some feel-good hormones and keeps your body moving, your mental state also follows suit.

Working out reduces stress levels and keeps you more alert and focused on the goals you have set, thus keeps you motivated. So, start your day with a simple run, or join a gym and get your body moving.

4. Ensure You are Not Doing it Alone

When unmotivated, what keeps us down is finding the strength to get started. But when you have a community, no matter how small or big, pushing you to attain your goals can help keep you on track.

So how about having a few friends or even a family member to do these activities with you, you could even join a club or the community organizations that need your input. Other people will help you to enjoy the activity and keep you motivated.

5. Try and Find Some Inspiration

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Having some inspirations also helps keep people motivated; it could be people or things that inspire you to keep going. A book, a mentor, or simple quotes that jump-start your energy levels, anything you feel that keeps you going. You will like to do what your mentor is doing. In this way, you can achieve your goals and live your life happily.

6. Love Yourself

No matter what is happening in your life, you should always love yourself. The initial thing that you need to focus is on how much you love and care about yourself.

If ‘You’ is missing in your goals, then nothing can bring motivation. You have to trust your soul that you can achieve your goals and prepare for the new challenges. Get motivation from yourself and proceed towards your goals.

7. Create a List of Things that You Like to Do

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Every person has hobbies, and so you might have. You should prepare a list of all the things that you love to do. After creating the list, look for the ways to do those things. In your busy schedule, manage to get some time for your hobbies.

In your life, happiness matters a lot and nothing else. You have to prioritize your happiness over busy and boring life. The list will motivate you and allow you to do all the things that you wish.

8. Listen to the Music

Music can heal many psychological problems. You can feel refreshed and motivated after listening to your favorite tunes. Play any music that you love to hear all the time. Start spending some time with your earphone and observe whether it has boosted your soul or not. This formula will work for sure.

9. Reward Yourself

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There is no need to be harsh on yourself. You have to give rewards to yourself whenever you are doing a good job. Never expect such a thing from others. It is possible to reward yourself by getting breaks from your routine and do something you like.

It will help you to stay motivated and keeps you active. These rewards will keep you engaged in your duties and reduce your workload. Remember, you should not feel lethargic or doing something repetitive all the time.

10. Stop Getting Afraid of Trying Something New

If you want to bring a massive change in your life, then do some new things. In the beginning, you may get afraid of trying, but you never know that you will be the best at it.

Give yourself a chance to do something new and bring back the enthusiasm in your life. When you get success in one thing, you will try more and do more things. In this way, you will get motivated and hence, achieve your goals.


These are some helpful tips that can get you pumped up and motivated when you are feeling low. Motivation is a crucial factor to build to achieve your goals and stay happy in your life. Sometimes, many people do not realize that they lack motivation.

They need something to cheer them up. You might have observed that you feel like doing nothing all day. Understand your instinct and motivate yourself. Follow the mentioned tips and get results quickly.