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Prioritize Features You Want in a Retirement Residence

by Dangula Bingula

The search for a retirement residence isn’t an easy one. You’re making a big step for the next phase of your life and it should be one that you’re 100% confident about. You need a retirement residence that meets your wants and your needs, and a place that’s flexible enough for you to age in place comfortably and with dignity.

Plan ahead so that you can take plenty of time to find the right option. Don’t hesitate to tour retirement homes or ask every question you have on your mind.

As you begin your search for senior living centers make a list of priorities that will help you narrow down your search.

#1 Location


Is the location convenient for visits from family and friends, close to shopping, medical offices, or parks? Is it close to your current neighborhood and convenient to the places, shops, and services you already rely on?

#2 Transportation

In addition to physical locations, consider transportation as well. Some retirement residences also provide bus service to shopping centers or individual transportation to medical appointments.

#3 Lifestyle and Wellness


What kind of fitness classes and programs are available? Staying active is key to senior health and a wide variety of fitness class options can help you get moving. Find out what kind of fitness classes and other wellness programming is available.

#4 Independence


Retirement residences today are increasingly becoming focused on independent living for seniors that offer flexible care options for those who need it. Ask yourself if you will enjoy an independent lifestyle in a residence. Moving into a retirement residence doesn’t have to be about health care. It can be a sensible way to downsize without having to worry about home maintenance, cooking, or cleaning. You can also click here to learn more about independent living in seniors living centers.

#5 Food


The food is going to be just as important to your quality of life as your suite. Moving into a retirement residence is an excellent way to hang up your apron and enjoy letting someone else worry about dinner. Ask about menu choices and if you have any special dietary requirements, make sure the residence can accommodate.

#6 Clubs and Games


Clubs and games are great for making new friends and staying social. Ask about clubs at any retirement residence, as well as other activities like cards nights or games like bocce. Joining a knitting club is a good way to stay social in your older years, and you can give back to the community by knitting for charity.

#7 Volunteering


One of the joys of retirement can be giving back to the community. Find out if the retirement residence organizes opportunities to volunteer you time.

There’s one quality that should trump all others: what do you want out of your new home? You deserve a place where you’ll feel comfortable and proud to live. Find a retirement residence that fits your lifestyle and provides flexible care that will help you stay where you are no matter what.