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8 Places to Visit in South India This Summer – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

It is located in Peninsular Deccan Plateau; this stunning land is full of the best of nature, an exciting culture, a rich heritage, and authentic food experiences. There are also stunning locations to visit within South India. The splendor of South India is year-round. However, the monsoons in India are a bountiful time of lush foliage and a flurry of cascades and swift-flowing streams to specific regions, making them more beautiful and captivating.

The rainy season in India can be the most eagerly awaited of all seasons. When the raindrops fall on the meadows, treetops, and creeks, which greet the arrival of spring, this time marks a brand-new beginning and enriches the landscape’s beauty. There are many other places to explore during monsoons in India. However, the gentle petrichor that mingles with the ambiance of South India seems more alluring. Of course, each city has its beautiful places to visit, which you can’t find other than in South India. We’re sure you’ll fall in over the splendor of the destinations to visit in South India, which are well-known for their beautiful scenery, beautiful people, and flora.

Here’s a checklist of activities you can participate in and places to go to make possible use of the monsoon season in South India. More information you can find at thrillophilia.com.

1) Kodaikanal – The princess of Hill Stations in South India

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Are you a fan of the monsoon rainfall? Do the hum of raindrops, the odor of the fresh leaves and the inviting earthy scent, and the calm, crisp winds attract you? Kodaikanal is a beautiful oasis, also known as the “Princess of Hill Stations” it comes alive following rains, as the lush forest, shimmering waterfalls, and lakes appear gorgeous and colorful. Kodaikanal has a lot of excitement, filling your soul with joy and allowing you to experience stunning scenic views and beautiful tourist spots. Sprinkle in a refreshing drizzle, and you have the perfect vacation recipe! This is precisely what your soul craves; you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated after visiting this stunning hill station. Kodaikanal, just like an urban hilltop, enjoys nice and cool weather throughout the year. The rains, however, enhance the excitement and provide the tranquility and peace you’ve been looking for!

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2) Coorg – Scotland of South India

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Coorg, often referred to by its nickname of the “Scotland of the South,” is a stunning hilltop city that is located close to Bangalore. It is possible to take in different views of gray clouds, which are gradually incorporated into the lush green hills. The scene is worth a visit. Coorg is a great place to experience waterfall rappelling! Although Coorg is a popular year-round tourist attraction, monsoon is the most optimal moment to be there. The town is flooded with the first raindrops, and the lush green forests offer breathtaking views. If you’re planning to visit Coorg during the monsoon season, take in the stunning scenery this paradise offers and an unforgettable experience.

Coorg is a perfect destination for couples looking to spend their honeymoon in a serene and romantic location. Coorg honeymoon package offers an ideal blend of adventure, nature, culture and luxury.

3) Chikmagalur – The Coffee Land of Karnataka

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It is situated at the foothills of Chikmagalur and the Mullayangiri region’s foothills; Chikmagalur is ideal for tourists visiting the South India tourist places. The torrential rains create an enviable greenery. The blooms cover the hills, and the whole area is filled with magnificent waterfalls, rivers that gush, and lagoons.

In the rain, the top tourist attractions in Chikmagalur are Baba Budangiri, Manikyadhara Falls, Hebbe Falls, Kudremukh, Mullayangiri, Jhari Falls, Hirekolale Lake, and Honnamana Falls. Did you not know? This lovely little region is full of biodiversity and is the source of most of the beans we drink. It is located in Charmadi Ghat, near Chikmagalur is among the gorgeous destinations to visit within South India, as well as a fantastic place to drive through.

4) Allepey – Backwaters at Alappuzha

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Alleppey is among the top places to go in Kerala during rain. Munnar is among the top places to go within South India during the monsoon because of the reputed sacred backwaters. When cruising along the backwaters of azure, take in the stunning scenery and take the comforts of the houseboat while taking in the rainy season, which will be, no doubt, well worth the effort. When you go to Kerala, ensure that you visit Alleppey and Munnar Both of them are truly stunning. It is known as the South Indian equivalent of Venice.

5) Ooty – One of the most romantic destinations that you could visit while in South India

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Ooty, which is sometimes referred to by the name of Udhagamandalam or Udhagai, is among the most romantic destinations for a trip to South India in August. Ooty is a well-known hill station located in Tamil Nadu, known for hosting the annual flower festival held at Ooty’s Botanical Gardens and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. The town is home to a model train journey that departs from Mettupalayam and passes through the beautiful Nilgiris. You can even go on a boat or take a hike to Dodabetta peak. Dodabetta summit if you’re looking more adventurous.

6) Yercaud – The lesser-known South India tourist place

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This location is in Tamil Nadu, and it is among South India’s most sought-after hill stations and weekend getaways. It is known as a place with seven trees, and we’re sure that the stunning scenery will keep you entertained by shooting. Yercaud is among the most beautiful places to visit in South India during the monsoon season. Still, it is often overlooked due to the popularity that is Ooty as well as Kodaikanal. The hill station got its name because of the Yercaud lake that lies at its central point. Yeri means lake in Tamil, as well as Kaadu, which is a reference to forests. The most popular tourist sites to check out during your visit to Yercaud is Yercaud Lake, Lady’s Seat, Shevaroy Temple, Pagoda Point, Killiyur Falls, and Botanical Garden.

7) Coonoor

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Coonoor, together with Ooty and Kotagiri, is one of the 3 hill towns of the Nilgiri mountain ranges, at the height of about 6,000 feet. Coonoor is among the most sought-after tourist places due to its importance to the Nilgiri tea business. In Coonoor, which is one of the most visited tourist spots for visiting in South India, travelers must go to the Tantea tea museum, golf at Wellington Golf Course, hike to the Hidden Valley, and cover many other things to do.

8) Wayanad

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Wayanad, located on The Western Ghats in northern Kerala, is among the most sought-after tourist destinations throughout South India during the monsoon months due to the abundance of rain. With breathtaking waterfalls, a wealth of floral displays, and an amazing climate, the frequent rains make this hill station more attractive. The ‘Neelakurinji’ flower blooms once each year and is an iconic feature of the hill station in the rainy season. In the course of your trip to Wayanad, it is essential to explore the ancient Edakkal Caves and embark on safaris in search of wild animals, embark on an expedition through the jungle, ascend the stunning waterfalls, and take an indulgence-filled holiday. An all-day monsoon celebration is also held here in this stunning hill station.