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12+ Rewarding Pet Business Ideas You Can Build On Right Now!

by Tracy Finke

Pet business ideas usually form from a deep love for animals and a strong drive for entrepreneurship. People who love animals and want to earn money while offering services to pet can make it a full-time career.

Launching the best pet supplies business with Sellvia or other animal-related enterprise involves lots of work, and you need help to succeed. That’s why this article presents great pet business ideas to help drive your interest in animals into a money-spinning venture.

1. Veterinarian

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A degree in veterinary medicine could take a few years, but with some patients, it is the most lucrative pet business.

Veterinarians require strict accreditation, licensing, and other requirements to offer professional pet care. You have to decide what you want to specialize in. Do you want to become a veterinary ophthalmologist, technician, or neurologist? Depending on your specialty, a professional vet could make more than $50,000 annually caring for pets of all kinds. For more information, click here to learn the most common health issues in pets and what role you can play to help.

2. Tag engraving

If there’s a high demand for tagging pets in your area, you can easily make some money as engraving tags. You can customize tags and put them on sale around your area.

New tags also contain information like the owner’s phone number to make finding lost dogs or cats easy.

3. Poop scooper

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Many dog owners are willing to shell out cash for someone to rid their yard of pet poop. Several dog breeds could dump a lot of poop within a short while.

And poop scooping requires very little investment, and the money from such service could be decent based on demand.

4. Pet training

The pet training market has two areas – domestication and film/TV animal training. You can offer one or both of these services, however, pet trainers usually require special training.

5. Pet sitting

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You need good references to start as a pet sitter. Most pet sitters will have to offer services at the animals’ houses and require very little resources or training.

An understanding of pets is crucial to succeed as a pet sitter.

6. Pet restaurant

You need to check local health regulations and bylaws in your municipality before opening a pet restaurant. If the demand for these restaurants is massive, this business could become lucrative serving dogs and other pets.

7. Pet product importation

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If there’s a shortage of specialized pet products in your area, you could make a profit importing these items. Being a wholesaler of in-demand pet products requires a good amount of research and investment.

8. Pet photography/portraits

Artistic talent and an eye for great photography is essential to succeed with this idea. Patience and an ability to get the attention of pets is crucial too.

You can decide to take pet photographs, draw their portraits, or do both.

9. Pet massages

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Specialized training is required to practice in the pet massages section. Some pet massage parlors offer advanced services like hydrotherapy, psychotherapy, and even acupuncture.

10. Pet grooming

You can start the pet grooming business from your home and have owners bring their animals for proper care. However, you must confirm local bylaws and other restrictions allow pet grooming in your area.

11. Pet fashion

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Pet owners are showing greater interest in making their furry pals look fashionable. If you’ve got experience or training making pet clothing, you can start your own pet-centric couture.

12. Pet funeral service

Dead pets are a tragedy, and most times, owners want to give their dogs, cats, or other animals the perfect sendoff.

That’s where you come in.

You can offer professional pet funeral services like burials, cremation, or an elaborate ceremony. Some training might be required to succeed in this industry, and you might have to collaborate with funeral parlors sometimes.

Apart from the 12 pet business ideas briefly described above, other great options include:

  1. Missing pet finder
  2. Pet toys store
  3. Pet day care
  4. Mobile pet clinic
  5. Marketing of pet businesses
  6. General pet goods store
  7. Dropshipping/direct manufacture and sale of pet accessories
  8. Dog walking
  9. Baking pet foods and treats
  10. Dog bathing

As expected, some of these ventures require special training. But many ideas require very little investment to start. With the right approach, you can maximize potentials these ideas offer and turn them to lucrative ventures.

Why is the Pet Business Industry a Lucrative Opportunity?

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Your love for pets is a highly sought-after attribute, especially if you live in the US or other in-demand markets.

  • Numbers show that at least 2 out of 3 American households own one pet or more
  • More than 323 million dogs, cats, and freshwater fish were under ownership in the late 2010s across US households.
  • Americans have spent $65 billion or more on pets every year since 2017.
  • The pet services sector has received more than $6 billion in annual spending since 2018

Records show similar numbers in Canada, Europe, China, and other locations with high demand for pet services.

Getting into the pet business will surely drive your financial portfolio while you focus on what you love doing.


Source: bbntimes.com

Running a successful pet business isn’t a walk in the park. You need to understand the industry and know about animals you plan to work with.

Some pet business ideas could require several years of training before you can become knowledgeable enough to make it lucrative.

You also need to consider other factors to make sure your business stays lucrative and relevant in your location. Siting your business close to the right target market is a vital element to succeed as a pet entrepreneur.

Engage research, outline a functional business plan, run feasibility studies, and get feedback from your target consumers. Getting all elements right from the get go is an essential step to ensure your pet business remains successful.

And here’s the catch – you can invest in more than one of these business ideas.

Investing in multiple pet business ideas could be difficult at first, but it will be worth it later on!