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How Hard Is It To Pass The PTE Academic Test – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic is not graded on a pass or fail basis. Instead, it assigns you a score depending on your answers. The minimum entrance scores vary by the immigration department, college, and employer.

In general, the common minimum scores include 50, 65, and 79. In the PTE academic test, candidates have to pass three primary sections, which are: speaking & writing (77 to 93 minutes), reading (32 to 40 minutes), and listening (45 to 57 minutes).

Explaining How Hard Is It To Pass The PTE Academic Test

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Almost everyone will agree that the PTE exam is a bit tougher than other exams, including IELTS. However, achieving high scores is relatively easier in PTE than in IELTS. It is because you can rely on the test preparation courses online, such as ptemocktests.com to enhance your score.

As PTE is a computer-based examination, the likelihood of human bias during the scores allotment is nearly negligible. Below, we have listed the information related to the PTE academic exam which explains how hard it is to manage and pass this exam.

The PTE timed sections are difficult to manage

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In the reading section, the candidates have to answer a total of 18 questions in the span of 40 minutes. While in the listening part, the candidates need to answer 19 questions to answer within 40 minutes.

Due to the limited duration and more questions, it is difficult to manage the given time. In addition to that, the total duration will be lessened if the candidate takes additional time during the 10-minute break.

Difficulty with listening and taking notes

Listening, preparing notes, and then picking the suitable option is very hard as the total duration is quite limited. If you keep on checking the time, you may not be able to concentrate on what the lecturer is telling you. Thus, it can become hard to assess the notes to choose the ideal option.

Even the given choices are relatively similar to each other, which makes no one option stand out. The speech you will listen to contains full of terms from all of the possibilities and all of them have slightly different meanings.

In a sense, they are almost interchangeable or synonyms. You will struggle to discover the proper answer unless you have sufficient time to listen to and summarize the spoken speech.

Picking the correct word is difficult

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In the reading section, you have to answer the ‘select the correct word’ section which is known for its complicated words. Generally, you may see words that you haven’t heard of till now.

Also, the majority of the candidates do not know what those words mean and end up picking an option depending on their instincts. However, other sections range from easy to medium complexness.

Lack of time to go over question instructions in listening and speaking tasks

PTE considers that you have to be familiar with the question format prior to taking the test. The instructions composed on top of every question are impossible to understand in a short amount of time. The speaker begins bombarding you with questions one after the other. There is not much time to read them.

If you make a mistake on one question’s repetition, it will impact the listening and speaking sections on the next question. You may not get enough time to contemplate and relax after answering a question. For a normal individual, everything happens far too quickly.

4 Common Mistakes To Completely Avoid While Preparing For PTE Test

Here are some common mistakes that every candidate preparing for the PTE test should avoid at any cost.

1. Don’t assume that you already know everything

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It is one of the most common blunders made by candidates who are overconfident in their ability to communicate in English. Being confident is alright, but overconfidence can lead to failure and disappointment. It is better to keep your head down and remember that you do not know everything. In addition, remember that the items you do not know or overlook during this English test can degrade your result.

2. Do not try to simply learn vocabulary or word lists

Rather than simply learning the vocabulary, it is best to understand every word you encounter in several circumstances before using them in your own phrases. That’s how you broaden your dictionary. This method of learning new terms and phrases assures that you will remember them even after the PTE Academic.

3. Avoid predicting that mastering one or two skills can make up for the lack of others

Everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. However, if you want to pass the PTE academic exam, you will have to boost your game and enhance all of your talents, particularly the ones you are not so sure about. It is the most effective means of ensuring that you are well prepared.

4. Try not to wait until the last minute to study for the exam

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You should start studying for the test weeks ahead of time, not before one or two days. Even if you have a high level of English skills, it is better to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the test and practice so you can memorize how to organize your time and complete each question during the test.

If you need to improve your language skills in order to get the score you want, allow yourself enough time to perfect those skills before the test. The total time for preparation varies from one candidate to another one based on your present language proficiency, application dates, and other factors.

Bottom Line

The PTE test is indeed a hard test to pass. However, with preparation and regularly attending online tests, it may become a little easy for the candidates to crack the PTE test. In addition to that, keep yourself focused without making any mistakes during the preparation period.