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New Info About New Joker Movie

by Elsa Stringer

Recently, new info about upcoming “Joker” movie was released by movie`s director, Todd Phillips. The director stated that this movie will be R-rated. On one Instagram post, Phillips showed a picture from the set, and one fan asked him how the movie will be rated. He confirmed that the new “Joker” movie will be R-rated.


If you are judging a book by its covers, by that we mean the trailer, we can say that this rating is going to be justified, despite the comedic elements from the trailer.

This means that it is going to be forbidden for kids younger than 18, or 15 in the UK. Naturally, this will not be the first superhero R-rated movie that was released recently, we have examples of Deadpool, Watchmen, Logan, and Kick-Ass.

Todd Phillips is famous because of his direction of comedies, like Hangover trilogy, Borat, Due Date, etc. So, it’s going to be fun to see how he will manage to direct this kind of movie.


The new “Joker” movie will be set in 1981, Arthur Fleck or Joker will be played by Joaquin Phoenix, Bruce Wayne`s father, Thomas, will be played by Brett Cullen, and younger version of Bruce Wayne will be played by Dante Pereira-Olson.