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Must Try Family Board Games of 2024

by Dangula Bingula

Within the last few decades, tabletop games have regained its popularity. But the Monopoly has lost its old popularity as the best board game – instead, a new wave of board games with engaging themes and creative ideas has come to give its players a really fun time with friends and family.

Read this article to know about the top picks of the family board games of 2024.

Cosmic Encounter:


It is a very interesting and will give you a different feeling every time you play. At a time 3-5 players can play it, starting from the kids of seven years, the adults also can enjoy this game.

The basic rules for playing this game are quite simple: every turn, a player is randomly matched with another player (an ‘encounter’), and the two must either fight (using numbered cards from their hands) or negotiate. The wrinkle is that every player has a unique alien power that totally breaks the rules and one alien actually wins battles if it loses them.



It is one of the small, inexpensive board games with lots of replay-ability and also very easy to play and involve people into it. It’s a very interesting game of buying cards by paying a cost in gems of different colors, and with every card you buy you can earn more gems which later can be used to buy cards more easily – the best trick to buy the higher-value cards is to have a great suite of other cards in front of you.

Pandemic Legacy – Season 1:


It is the best board game for cooperative play with a twist and the Legacy system which turns the game into an interesting story. In this game, you need to use your actions to move around locations treating diseases to stop disease outbreaking all over the Earth. The player needs to build research stations, to find the cures that will help to win the game.

Many versions of it are available in the market. Pandemic Legacy takes it to the next level and gradually turns it into an epic story. It starts off simple, but you’ll play multiple engaging rounds that represent the course of a whole year, and you have to make decisions in every game which have long-term repercussions.

Quacks of Quedlinburg:


It is an easily playable Fast-paced game which involves reaching into a bag of tokens and then reveling in the agony or the ecstasy of what you’ve drawn. The idea of the game is that you’re all fraudulent potion maker, and you have to make a brew using only with the ingredients found in your bag.



It is the best board game to play with families. It is a straightforward game with a superb strategy for any age. You need to take place as Mother Nature, competing with other players to plant trees of your color in the best spots in the forest, where they’ll absorb the best light.


With the start of the game, you’ll place two small trees in spaces near the edge of the hexagonal board, then you’ll have a bank of more small trees, medium trees, and large trees ready for later in the game. You also need to place the huge sun token right at the two sides of the board.


Here we have enlisted the descriptions of some of the best board games of 2024, apart from these you can also look for other popular once like – Flamme Rouge, Beasts of Balance, Dead of Winter, Spyfall, etc.