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Moving in Together – 10 Clear Signs That You Are Ready

by Dangula Bingula

After falling in love, duos envision their lives as one and look forward to moving in together. When you’re madly, deeply in love with each other, you invest more time in your relationship and map out future plans jointly. In most cases, the idea of cohabiting symbolizes stronger ties, including marriage.

Relationship experts encourage couples to move in together to hedge against divorce. Case studies have shown that courtship allows couples more acquaintance and thus steer clear of irreconcilable differences.


Be that as it may, every relationship will play out differently after cohabitation. Moving in with your partner should be a natural act in furtherance of common goals. If these 10 signs strike a chord, you’re ready to be roommates and take your relationship a notch higher.

1. You Spend a Substantial Amount of Time Together Already

Moving in together is cost-efficient and time-saving as you no longer have to hit the pavement every time you thirst for a kiss. Best of all, living together cements your bonds and nurtures healthier co-existence compared to couples separated by geographical barriers. It decodes compatibility and viability between spouses.

You should not leap at this offer if you have only started dating. It’s a natural process, for example, when you find much of your stuff or clothes in your partner’s house.

2. Meeting of the Minds

Critical decisions like moving in together should not fall prey to unchecked passion. Both of you must agree unequivocally to mutual commitment. Given that living together acts as a gateway to marriage, only serious partners can reap the benefits of this move. Such couples have emotional motivations like bearing children and companionship.


3. You Understand Each Other’s Behavioral Patterns

You’ve spotted what makes your partner tick and you’ve deliberated this aspect. In the romance world, ‘familiarity breeds harmony’ as you get a deep understanding of your partner’s habits and temperament. Where true love reigns, you can easily find common ground against differences. If you’ve grown thick-skinned to each other’s quirks, moving in together is a breeze.

4. You Can Resolve Disputes Amicably

Human nature leads us to disputes of every kind, hair-splitting or serious issues. As long as none of you whips up a storm in a teacup, you should understand each and come up with a compromise. Successful relationships entail partners who overcome their differences without a split.

5. You Understand Each Other’s Boundaries

Are you aware that your partner will fly into rage if you forget her birthday? Do you know that his patience declines when you don’t respond to calls or text messages? Some of these behaviors remain undetectable until you move in, but you should know what makes them who they’re.


6. You’ve Had A “Future” Conversation

 Of course, having a future discussion plays a pivotal role in a fruitful forthcoming union. Avoid investing in it alone as your efforts will go down the drain if your partner turns down the offer. You and your partner will need crystal-clear objectives of cohabiting such as marriage, children and family. With the two of you on the same page, Moving Day makes removals and transport from your home effortless.

7. You’re Not Pushing Your Luck to Save Your Relationship

A shattered relationship may turn sour when you move in together because your differences stick out like a sore thumb. If you have resolved disputes and put roses back in his/her cheeks, move in together (but not after a brief encounter).

8. You’re Willing to Give Up Some Sense of Liberty

Living under the same roof with a sweetheart makes you feel like a new man or woman, but never overlook the flip side. That is: trading off your liberty. You’ll no longer chart your course alone and your partner will traverse many decisions. It may not jeopardize your lifestyle, but you should have a bird’s eye view of shack up earlier on.

9. You Have it Down Like A Newborn’s Checklist

Have you been at a rendezvous discussing the oncoming deal? Drawn up a list of culinary, pets, mortgage or nuptial engagements? Those who move in strategically tackle it together and dissect everything in detail. Without a plan, your relationship may become an eye-for-eye situation, where you mockingly remind each other of what you have done. And that’s how every love turns sour.


10. You Can Take the Social “Toll”

Shack ups break bonds with your social network as you invest time with your partner and severe links with those who were closer buddies. You have to strike a balance to get a healthy social life. You don’t have to cut off your friendship ties to achieve this. Alternatively, you need to familiarize yourself with your lover’s friends and know how to get along to avoid unpredictable experiences.