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Is It Easy to Move to Madrid?

by Kim Marks

Many people worldwide are immigrating to Madrid for studies, jobs, and businesses. But it takes work to leave your country and settle in a new place. Before you make any immigration decision, it is necessary to know whether it is easy to move to Madrid, Spain.

Undoubtedly, it is a perfect city to live in with many benefits. The nightlife of this city is amazing, and you can travel to any place using public transportation. It is a well-cultured city with open-minded people to interact with and make friends. This city never sleeps, and you can enjoy the night parties and explore different places with your family and friends.

It is easy to relocate to Madrid only when you know what to do. You need to arrange all the necessary documents that will be required in a new location. Other permits and amenities are essential before you take a massive step. This write-up will help you know all the things to do that make your relocating task easy.

How Is It Easy to Move to Madrid?

1. Finding an Accommodation to Live

Before you arrange for documents to move to Madrid, you need to find accommodation to stay in. You can buy any residential property and stay there with your family if you can afford it. But if you cannot afford it, you can rent an apartment and stay easily. It is quite complicated to find a rented property because the rates are increasing due to inflation.

With Ukio, you can rent a luxurious apartment or penthouse on a monthly rental in Madrid. When you relocate to Madrid, the reason can be your studies, job, or business. You need to find a serviced apartment in Madrid for more than one month. Such rental companies provide fully-furnished apartments on rent with all the facilities. But you must not expect to rent any villa or a house.

2. Know the Immigration Process

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Like other international locations, the process to get a visa is quite the same for every non-EU person. It is necessary to file and apply for it before entering this country. You must consider visas for professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. If you get any job offer in Madrid, it is essential to get a Spanish work permit. When you complete your application, it is necessary to submit it with essential documents to the embassy of Spain.

After the successful application acceptance, you can get ready to move into the city. In 90 days, one can travel to Madrid, and apply for the identity NIE number. After that, get a resident permit by submitting all the documents. One must renew the permit every year and stay in a city peacefully. After ten years, you can also apply for Spain nationality to stay for a lifetime.

3. Prepare a Complete List of Necessary Documents

Once you know the complete immigration process, you must prepare a list of necessary documents you should submit with the application. These documents are essential to confirm your nationality, background check, and criminal records.

You need to cover your health in Spain by getting a good insurance plan. It is okay if the insurance plan is privately or publicly owned. You need a passport with its copy and photographs. One must submit all the essential documents that give your income proof. It is essential to submit all the documents to acquire a permit to stay in Madrid.

4. Spanish-Translated Documents

When you submit essential documents to acquire a residence permit, it is necessary to translate all the papers into Spanish. The process should be done legally with all the stamps and signatures. Many people think they can easily send their application in their mother tongue, which is completely unacceptable by the embassy.

If you are relocating to a Spanish city, you should translate your documents into the Spanish language. If you face any difficulty while doing the translation task, you can get professional help and get your job done.

5. Apply for the Visa

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For immigration to Madrid, you need to apply for a visa. Depending on the purpose of your immigration, you need to apply for a different visa. It is essential to explore the necessary documents that one must submit with the application.

Gather all the essential documents and attach them with the application. Wait for some time until your request gets accepted. If you hold sufficient economics, you can easily apply for a non-lucrative visa, as it is comparatively less tedious. You can also get professional help to receive a visa.

6. Acquire NIE Number

When you enter Madrid, applying for the Spain identity NIE number is necessary. It is considered the identification of any foreigner immigrating to this city. Another thing you must do is open your bank account and use it for transactions.

You can initiate your organization, purchase any property, or accomplish other legal issues in Spain. One will need this number as your identity in a new place for every procedure. Therefore, you must remember to apply for it.

7. Hire Immigration Lawyers

For many people, the immigration process is quite complicated because of the language gap and other application issues. If you are experiencing the same, you need to hire an immigration lawyer to simplify your job. You do not need to do extra work and struggle throughout the process.

By paying the fees of the legal expert, you can complete all your permits, visa, and other official tasks within a few days. In any way, you will not face any trouble even if you enter a new country. A lawyer helps in understanding and assessing your situation. The legal expert also helps prepare all the legal documents translated into Spanish that must be submitted with the application.

The Bottom Line

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Moving to Madrid, Spain is easy if you know the immigration process well. It is necessary to apply for permits, visas, accommodation, documents, etc., before entering a new city in Spain. With the help of a legal expert, you can make the process easier. If you apply and submit your application as required, you can easily move to your dream destination.