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What Mistakes to Avoid While Relocating a Business

by Elsa Stringer

So, finally, you have decided to relocate your business. It is important that you know that business relocations are not as easy as they might appear. You need to be prepared to face a lot of things that are not very pleasing.

Moving is a difficult task as well as it might be costlier than you think it is. Hundreds of business moves have been done all around the year but not all are successful and the reasons behind their failure are the mistakes committed. If you are thinking that you take professionals’ help and then you will not have to think of anything or manage the process at all, you are mistaken.

Imoving.com, a moving company, claim that the business owner remains the one in control of the business relocation process at all times and it is very crucial that they know what they are doing and where it is leading them.

If you understand the reality, there are a few things you must know. Especially the mistakes that made many smart and well-established businesses fail while relocating.

Top mistakes that can ruin your business relocation plan:

1. Not hiring movers


Remember that a business move is not an easy task, it requires a lot of effort to be put into the right direction. No matter whether your business is small or an established enterprise, it is not possible to move it on your own. The truth is that moving requires a lot of skills and equipment, which are one of the deliverables of professional moving companies. It is best if you hire the movers and ensure a smooth moving process.

2. Selecting a bad moving time


This is also one of the main mistakes that people usually commit while relocating their business. There are a lot of internal and external factors that play an important role in the relocation and one of these factors is choosing the right time to move. It is important that you factor whatever it takes to choose the right time to move. Preferably choose an off-season of your business or the one for the overs. When you move in the slow-down time of your industry, you can save yourself from running into losses because of the downtime. However, if you choose the off season of the moving company you can get a very cheap deal for the professional relocation services.

3. Not giving advance notice to your employees


Not giving advance notice to your employees regarding the move is one of the biggest mistakes. Make sure you tell your employees about the move as soon as it is possible. If possible, give them prior notice at least one year ago so that they can decide whether they want to move with the company or not. They might also have children so they also have to plan for several things related such as their school admissions and housing options and more. So, it is recommended that you give prior notice to all the employees so they can get prepared for the move.

4. Not relocating online


These days, there is no business that is not online. We are living in a digital world where every business has this obligation to set up an online identity. In fact, it is the key to a right marketing strategy and better visibility. So, it is important to update your move on the internet as well.

Whenever you decide to move or wherever you move, don’t forget to update it online at your website. Nowadays, it is not possible to get success without social media and the help of the internet. Make sure you change the information regarding the change of the business location on the website as well on social media. This will inform your clients, customers, and potential customers that you now have a new address.

5. Putting all heavy things in a single box


Yes, this is also one of the biggest mistakes that people usually make. When it comes to packing all the items, some people put all the heavy items in a box and all the light items in the other box. But this is the biggest mistake they make. If they put all the heavy items in a single box then it becomes difficult to lift and load this box and this can also become a reason for accidents during loading and unloading of items. It is recommended you keep the weight distributed in the boxes so that handling of the boxes becomes easier for the movers and loading and unloading of items can be done easily.

6. Failing in communicating changes that will take place


Business relocation comes with a lot of changes. Remember that your business relocation also affects the lives of many people including your customers, clients, and employees. Business relocation does not only change your life but as well as the life of others so it is important to talk about the changes that will happen because of the business relocation. Make sure you communicate well with your suppliers and customers so that they can accept the change that is going to happen.


Remember that the needs and requirements of all the businesses are unique regarding business relocation. Therefore, committed mistakes are also different. But the common mistakes that usually most of the business owners make are mentioned above. A business relocation comes with a lot of uncertainties but to avoid these mistakes is imperative. Plan ahead of the time and reduce as much downtime as possible to ensure you reach your goals and the benefits you seek from the relocation process.